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Chocolate Donuts

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Artist: Banksy Width: 76 cm
Support: Paper Height: 56 cm
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Banksy Chocolate 'Donuts' - Signed - 2009

Artwork by Banksy Chocolate Donut Signed in limited edition of 299 works - 2009.

Discover more about Banksy Chocolate Donuts Police: Analysis and Meaning of this Artwork for Sale.

Banksy - Donuts Chocolate for Sale: Original and Signed Print

Banksy's Donuts Chocolate is a serigraph on paper, edition 295/299 of 2009.

There are two versions of BanksyDonuts:

  • Donuts Chocolate in 299 exemplars;
  • Donuts Strawberry, in 299 exemplars.

The Chocolate piece came after the original Strawberry piece. The serigraphs of both versions are all signed.

In total, there are 598 Donuts and this number is not accidental: in 2007 Krispy Kreme - an American chain company of donuts and cafeterias - closed 299 stores due to financial problems.

All 598 prints were released in an online lottery £ 465 each.

Deodato Art Gallery offers this limited edition exemplar of Donuts Chocolate , guaranteed by the certificate of Authenticity issued by Pest Control .

Screen Print by Banksy - Donuts Chocolate: Analysis and Meaning

Banksy's Donuts Chocolate is considered to be one of the lighter-hearted works of the famous street artist : a convoy of policemen, with a serious and imperturbable attitude, protects a delivery truck which has an impossibly large Chocolate Donut on its roof. 

Everything in the print is black and white, except the big chocolate donut and the lights on policemen's motorcycles.

The enormous Chocolate Donut is emblematic of its role as a favorite in the American capitalist system and it seems that the American police are escorting it as a priority.

Law enforcement agencies are often criticized for preferring their comfort to their desks, possibly eating donuts and drinking to try to stay awake and waiting for his shift to end.

This urban art print limited edition is smart, funny and satirical: the policemen protect with maximum sacredness what is most dear to them.

Banksy: Street Art against American Militarism

If on the one hand Banksy criticises the lazy policemen, on the other the image may refer to American corrupt Militarism as well.

The street artist is well-known for his protest against the American government’s habit of invading and controlling foreign countries.

Banksy criticizes the fact that American Military operates on the presumption that it is their duty to save and civilize these countries while ensuring that the American ideal has the upper hand in potential disagreements.

Regardless of the artist's intent, this serigraph can be considered another great iconic work by Banksy 's that bears a deeper meaning represented with his usual ingenious mockery. 

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