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Sculptures by Mr Brainwash in Resin and Acrylic, in Limited Edition. Life is Beautiful and Je t'aime by Mr. Brainwash, Sculpture for Sale with Prices.

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Mr. Brainwash: Street Art and Sculptures

The sculptures by Mr. Brainwash feature soft and slender lines: the brightness and the graphics of the writing provide strong originality and three-dimensionality to the work.

The street artist's trait in technique and style is well recognizable: his writings, usually two-dimensional because they are painted on canvases, come out of them and come to life in space, in various dimensions.

Mr. Brainwash's sculptures are born from the passionate inspiration of the artist, who is based on euphoria and romanticism; so the famous phrases, messages of love and hope come to life.

Mr. Brainwash creates limited editions of his sculptures in solid or multicoloured.

What makes Mr. Brainwash's sculptures unique is that they become a means to experience the positivityand overwhelming carefreeness of the artist.

Sculpture by Mr. Brainwash - Je t'aime

Using the technique of acrylic on resin and different colors in different combinations and patterns, Je t'aime becomes a dedication to Love in the form of a fascinating sculpture.

It is evident how Mr. Brainwash has mixed the meaning "Pop Art" of the phrase with the "Street Art" style of brightness, recalling those luminous signs of the streets.

The uniqueness of this artwork lies not only in its artistic originality, but also in the process of its creation, since it is a limited editionof only 30 exemplars for each color, signed and numbered by the artist.

Mr. Brainwash - Life is beautiful Sculpture

Very similar to Mr. Brainwash's artwork Je t'aime, Life is beautiful is an explicit message of positivity and love.

Mr. Brainwash celebrates his favorite motto "Life is beautiful", which in 2008 gave its name to his first solo exhibition in a warehouse in Los Angeles, enjoying a huge success both with the critics and with the public.

These sculptures come in a limited edition of only 36 units for each color.