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Maurizio Galimberti

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maurizio galimberti

Maurizio Galimberti was born in 1956 in Como. He is a famous Italian artist and photographer. While he was very young, he developd a passion for photography and began to participate to severals contests.

At first he used the analogic photographic film, but then he switched to polaroids, so to immediately see the results of his photos, without waiting. In the early ‘90s, Galimberti left the family business in order to dedicate himself only to photography. In 1991 he started to collaborate with Polaroid, becoming an official Sponsor. In 1995 is published the book “Polaroid Pro Art”, and in 1997 his polaroid mosaics entered in the art collections.

The technique used by Galimberti has been influenced by Boccioniand Duchamp, and it consists in creating a collage of polaroids, each one portraying a different particular of the same represented image. The different polaroids are then brought close together to recreate the image into a collage.

He realized portraits of celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Robert de Niro and Johnny Depp. The turning point was when Galimberti met the collector Fumagalli, because it was thanks to him that the artist began to exhibit in international cities, like Venice, Berlin and New York, of which he created some beautiful portfolios.