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Davide Nido

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Davide Nido: Biography

davide_nidoDavide Nido (1966-2014) started his artistic studies at the Art Institute of Monza and continued at the Brera Fine Arts Academy in Milan. Following the precious teachings of his Turinese professor Aldo Mondino, his career began to take off, thanks to his unique colour compositions, inspired by the forms of nature, which are then transformed by the artist in repeated patterns with textures, made of the most different materials available on the market.

Davide Nido, who has also become a professor at Brera Academy, soon carved out an important role for himself and for his art in national and international contemporary art world, thanks to the artworks easily recognizable. Nido participated in numerous exhibitions, such as the 2009 Venice Biennale, the International Prize of Contemporary Art in Serre di Rapolano, Siena, where he won the first prize, surpassing Maurizio Cattelan, who had a special mention award.

Davide Nido died prematurely, despite the painful treatment, at the age of 48, annihilated by Hodgkin's disease.