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Deodato Island

The first metaverse dedicated to contemporary art

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Metaverse Deodato Arte

Visit exhibitions, meet your friends and personalise your avatar in a unique and immersive experience. The Deodato Arte Metaverse can be enjoyed anywhere and with any device: PC, tablet, smartphone, smart TV and VR headsets.

In the Deodato Island you will find:

  • Exhibition - Mr. Brainwash Spot, dedicated to the editions of the public's favourite street artist.
  • Exhibition - Angelo Accardi Spot, the iconic ostriches and dreamlike, surreal paintings by artist Angelo Accardi.
  • Museum Planet, the museum environment with showrooms and exhibition spaces for curatorial projects by the Deodato Arte gallery. Ongoing exhibition:
  • Deodato Warehouse, the first virtual "warehouse" where you can browse the works available in the gallery and meet the Deodato Arte staff.
  • Demo City, a city in the Metaverse in an evocative Caribbean location. You can visit flats and villas, buy them and furnish them as you wish.
  • Auditorium, the conference and event space of the Deodato Island metaverse.

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