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Old Edition

Mr. Brainwash - Old Editions

Mr. Brainwash: Old Editions - Consultation of early Mr. Brainwash artworks. Works of art are available in this Section for Consultation only and are not for Sale.

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Mr. Brainwash - Old Editions

The first works created by street artist, Mr. Brainwash, encapsulate the style and subjects that we continue to admire today in the artist’s unique works. As also can be seen in the old editions, Mr. Brainwash fuses both Pop Art and Street Art within his works. He pays homage to celebrities such as Muhammed Ali, Madonna, and David Bowie, and also references great masters of contemporary art such as Jeff Koons. 

A notable difference between the old editions made by the artist between 2008 and 2018 is the near absence of colour. He preferred black and white subjects with the occasional splash of colour. 

Mr. Brainwash - President's Day - Chaplin

President's Day - Chaplin (2018), Limited Edition

These old editions became a fundamental starting point for the artist in the development of the unique works we know today. From the iconic Einstein to the child featured in the work Smile, Mr. Brainwash began to explore the development of the subjects that have made him known on an international level.

From Old Editions to Today’s Iconic Works

Several of the old editions show subjects that have become iconic in Mr. Brainwash’s artistic production. From works such as Love is the Answer to Just Kidding to Everyday Life, Smile, and Juxtapose

Mr. Brainwash - Love is the Answer (2015)

Love is the Answer (2015), First Edition on Paper

Mr. Brainwash - Einstein (2022)

Einstein (2022), Unique Work on Paper

The backdrop of bright colours and references to artists such as Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Keith Haring has developed over time. This is thanks to increasingly diverse and joyous works.

Unique works are not only created on paper but featured on walls and iconic spray cans, creating works full of positivity on different mediums. 

Mr. Brainwash - Smile (2011)

Smile (2011), Screenprint on Paper

Mr. Brainwash - Smile (2020)

Smile (2020), Spray Can

Mr. Brainwash draws inspiration for his works from mass culture and popular subjects. In Just Kidding, first on silkscreen and later on the wall, Mr. Brainwash depicts the well-known comedian and silent film legend Charlie Chaplin from his self-directed film, The Kid, from 1921.

Mr. Brainwash - Just kidding (2013)

Just Kidding (2013), Screenprint on Paper

Mr. Brainwash - Chaplin and Kid - Wall

Chaplin and the Kid (2019), Unique Work on Wall

International Stars as Icons

The subjects that Mr. Brainwash decides to portray in the old editions include famous people who marked the 20th century such as Martin Luther King, Salvador Dali, and Muhammad Ali. He also includes modern-day icons such as Madonna, Marilyn Monroe, and Barack Obama.

Mr. Brainwash - My Heart is Yours (Silver)

My Heart is Yours (2017), Screenprint on Paper

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