Helmut Newton

Helmut Newton: The iconic Nudes and Portraits by Helmut Newton. Browse below to find out more about our selection of photos by the artist. 

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Helmut Newton Biography

Helmut Newton Photography

Helmut Newton (alias Helmut Neustädter) was born in Berlin in 1920.

Newton is famous worldwide as photographer of nude women. From a wealthy Jewish family, he raised among the Berlin bourgeoise of those years.

Few years after, he left Germany because of the racial laws, and in 1938 moved to Trieste to then seek refuge in Singapore, where he began to work for the Straits Times, taking then service in the Australian army during the Second World War.

At the end of the 1950s Newton moved to Paris, where he will live for 25 years.

During the ‘70s an heart attack slowed down his production, while making grow though, at the same time, his fame. Later on, he moved to Monte Carlo and then to Los Angeles, where he will die in a car accident in 2004.

Helmut Newton: Phography as Great Passion

Newton got passioned about photography from the very beginning, so much that, already at a very young age, got the chance to do an apprenticeship with Berlin photographer Else Simon, better known as Yva, from whom he learnt the art of fashion photography and portraits of nudes. 

In 1956 Helmut Newton photographer started to work for Vogue Australia, magazine that will become his first client. It is during the 1970s though that Newton career took off, when he became one of the most paid and famous photographers of fashion, advertisement, portraiture and nudity.

Powerful Photography : Big Nudes

During his career, Newton had the opportunity to work for the British, French, America and Italian editions of many fashion magazines, such as Marie Claire, Vogue, Elle, Queen, American Playboy, Nova, Jardin des Modes, and also to regularly realise big photo shootings for Life and Stern.

With the series “Big Nudes” (1980), Newton reached the peak of his urban-erotic style, which always stood out for the impeccable photographic technique.

Helmut Newton photography shows the uncountable aspects of the woman, sometimes with a critical eye: his shots are characterized by a classy erotism, sometimes with sadomasochistic and fetishist aspects; he favoured androgynous woman, often portrayed in a voluntary submissive behaviour.