Mimmo Rotella

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Mimmo Rotella: Art for Sale on Deodato Arte - An important 20th-century artist, Mimmo Rotella is known for the technique of décollage, in which several advertising posters are ripped and glued on top of each other. The posters chosen are largely posters of classic movies, where the viewer can recognize the names and faces of hollywood stars

At the age of 27 he entered in contact with the Avant-Garde Movement and artists such as Carla Accardi, Mino Guerrini, Achille Perilli, Antonio Sanfilippo, and Giulio Turcato.

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Mimmo Rotella (Catanzaro 1918 - Milan 2006) is a famous Italian artist of the XX century. In 1941 he had to take part in the War and, when he returned home in 1944, he graduated at the artistic high school of Naples, starting afterwards to teach art in Catanzaro.
In 1945 he was in Rome ,where he encountered the Avan-garde movement and met artists such as Carla Accardi, Ugo Attardi, Pietro Consagra, Piero Dorazio, Mino Guerrini, Achille Perilli, Antonio Sanfilippo and Giulio Turcato.
In 1947 Rotella got in touch with foreign art, mostly French and American. Thanks to a Fullbright Fondation grant, he had the opportunity to move to the USA for an Artist in Residence at the Kansas University. This american experience allowed Rotella to discover and meet all the most important artists of the artistic trends of those years.

After a brief pause of his artistic production, he began to create the Decollages. Mimmo Rotella took all the comunicative strength of the commercial and added it on posters, then gluing them together on the canvas. The first time he showed this kind of artworks was in Rome, at the exhibition “Esposizione dell’arte attuale”.
This new style culminates in the Cinecittà series, made in 1962 and inspired by the celebrities and myths of the Italian and Hollywood movies. Marilyn Monroe was one of his most important subject.

In 1964 he exposed in the Venice Biennale and in 1965 at the Quadriennale in Rome.

With the aim to collect the works and documents related to his artistic life, in 2000, by his will, was formed Mimmo Rotella Foundation. In 2004 he received an honoris causa degree in Architecture at the University Mediterranea of Reggio Calabria.

Mimmo Rotella died in 2006. His works are exhibited in many museums and major Italian and foreign collections.