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Mr Brainwash - Neon - Artworks realized in Neon by Mr Brainwash. Discover for Mr Brainwash Neon Artwork Price and Value to buy it Online.

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Mr Brainwash - Neon, Luminous Artworks

Mr Brainwash realizes some of his most important artworks by combining traditional painting techniques on canvas and collages with complex inserts of Neon.

The Neon lights up with the normal electric current (110 or 220 volts) and are activated with a remote control.

Mr Brainwash's Neon technique is a technique that evokes particular suggestions, linked to the city's street art, normally inserted in urban contexts, dense with neon signs in nightclubs and shops.

The neon lights of the works are applied to the canvases or wooden supports in a stable way.

As a rule, Mr. Brainwash uses only one detail of the artwork with neon, usually this isn't the main subject but rather the most "hot" and emotional object of all artwork.

Mr Brainwash makes many other subjects with neon, both medium and large dimensions.

He realized also the known mirrors with applications of neon writing.

Mr Brainwash - Life is Beautiful (Neon)

In the writing of Mr Brainwash "Life is Beautiful" Neon the artist proposes the words that made him famous with his first personal exhibition.

With the inscription "Life is Beautiful" Neon MBW has created several works including one named "Life is a Comic Book".

The luminous writing is highlighted against the colorful street art style background.

Child Looks Neon Heat Shaped - With All My Love (Neon)

One of the most classic subjects is the child, perhaps Mr Brainwash as a child, who observes the heart made with neon, above the collage type background and dripping of his way of doing Street Art.

It's a safe look and carefree at the same time, the heart represents what is important in life, but it also represents time, for him infinite, that separates him from a life yet to be drawn.

And so the heart also represents the design of a "bright" life to be created.

Einstein, Love in the Answer (Neon)

Mr Brainwash created the figure of Einstein who holds the sign "Love is the answer", both with screen printing techniques in his multiple editions and with techniques on paper, wall and canvas.

It couldn't be missing from the collection also the work of Einstein with neon, in this case the neon represents the word "Love is the answer".

Einstein is an intellectual and a conceptual, that's why writing is the focal and turning point for the whole work.

In the larger version Mr Brainwash has decided to create a very limited number (always different) of these works.

The Chimpanzee, Follow Your Dreams ( Neon ) - "Everyday Life"

In this iconic artwork we find the chimpanzee that with an ironic look looks at the viewer, holding in a hand one spray can that writes on the street wall "Follow your dreams".

The title of this artwork is "Everyday life", which in the version with neon sees the writing light up with the neon light.

The message is similar to the work with Einstein, Mr. Brainwash's chimpanzee is not an animal but a messenger of hope, love and intellect.

The written "Follow your dreams" has therefore a value of intellectual warning to those who should understand and don't understand, given by those who apparently shouldn't understand and instead understand what is really important.

Mr Brainwash: Neon - Art for Sale Prices

The artworks with Neon by Thierry Guetta (MBW) are among the most quoted both in terms of price and increase in value over time.

This for several value factors.

  • - First of all, each work starts from a canvas, which already has a high quotation value.
  • - Second there is the complex work of neon.
  • - Third, the works have usually dimension medium or large.

All the works of Mr Brainwash Neon for Sale have the artist's original signature with a certificate of authenticity.

To get quotes for the works, enter in the individual products on the site or write to get the complete price list with the available artworks and their prices.