Jeff Koons

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Jeff Koons: Art of Balloon

Jeffrey Koons, simply known as Jeff Koons (York - Pennsylvania, 21 January 1955), is an American artist considered an icon of the neo-pop style.

Jeff Koons Artist is known for his works in kitsch style that ironically illustrate the American way of life and its tendency to consumerism.

In the second half of the 70's, he frequented for two years the important Art Institute of Chicago, where he had the opportunity to follow the lessons of the famous teacher and painter Ed Pasche.

In 1977 he moved to New York, where he abandoned the formality of traditional painting, embracing the conceptual tide; in this period, he took inspiration from particular artists such as Martin Kippensberger and Robert Smithson.

During his career, Koons has produced artworks using a vast range of techniques - such as sculpture, painting, installations and photo - and the most varied materials.

The artist is generally defined as heir of Andy Warhol and continuator of the pop art; he is often also associate to Marcel Duchamp, of which Koons reinterprets the technique of the ready-made.

Therefore, his art is indissolubly tied up to the mass culture and the society of consumerism, with which Koons establishes an ambiguous relationship: on one side, mass culture is his principal source of inspiration, while from the other, his works express an explicit criticism with some intelligent irony toward the banality and the superficiality of consumerism.

What strikes of Jeff Koons' art is its contradictions, its ability to express a strong criticism towards the modern society and the American way of life by using the same tools that feed this system: the artist desecrates that society that has made him rich and famous (and continuous to do it).

Today Jeff Koons is considered one of the richest artists in the world and he’s very desired on the contemporary art market.

The value of his works has grown enormously in the last years. "Balloon dog", the famous sculpture from 1990 representing a dog made with the toy balloons in five different colours, has been in fact sold at Christie's auction New York in the 12th November 2013 for 58,4 million dollars.

Until that moment, an artwork of a living artist never reached such a value.