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Photographic Acetates

Andy Warhol - Opere in Vendita Online con Prezzi e Quotazioni

Andy Warhol: Acetates - King of Pop Art and one of the most influential artists of the 20th century, Andy Warhol was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1928. The favourite subjects of his art are iconic objects of American consumerism, media icons and star portraits. These include the iconic Campbell's Soup can, Brillo Boxes and portraits of Marilyn Monroe.

As well as exerting a huge influence on the current art world, Warhol was a master of artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring.

These works depict the first moment of Andy Warhol's creative process, which was as important to him as the final work. The black and white acetates collect Andy Warhol's Ladies and Gentlemen series, as well as portraits of celebrities and people close to the artist's cultural circle.

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Andy Warhol: Series of Acetates

Among the most magnificent and eclectic master pieces made by the King of Pop Art Andy Warhol there are some artworks in series of acetates.

For the artist, acetate was not only the moment that came before the screen printing in the development of the phases of the production technique.

For Warhol it was in fact a fundamental element of the creative process: with the black and white of the photographic negative or positive, Pop Art artist Andy Warhol took away from the subjects all their attributes, aiming to enhance the value of being.

But technically, what is it and why he used acetate?

From the 1920s onwards, cellulose acetate was recognised as a possible photographic medium to replace nitrate film, a highly flammable material.

In the language of art, acetate is therefore understood as a photographic negative or positive reproduced on the transparent acetate support.

Series of Acetates by Andy Warhol, Ladies and Gentlemen

A series of Acetates was produced in 1975 by Andy Warhol: "Ladies and Gentlemen".

The theme and the period of realization are the same of the screenprints signed Ladies and Gentlemen in colors.

Andy Warhol decides to depict the unknown profiles of the entertainers of the nightclub "The Gilden Grape" in New York.

The unknown faces of drag queens and African-American transvestites, the protagonists of the works, are returned by Warhol in this series of acetates without any filter.

The makeup and "Ladies and Gentlemen" signed pints' color not more enhance the outward appearance of the transvestite: the psyche is naked this time and presents itself to the viewer sincerely.

Looks, poses and smiles are rich in expressive energy and reveal the true being of these proud and spontaneous personalities.

Artworks by Andy Warhol: Other Photographic Acetates

Other photographic acetates are the artworks of Andy Warhol, which portray important people from the artistic and cultural world with which the artist was in contact. These include:

  • Carlo Monzino, promoter of primitive culture.
  • Bob Colacello, American writer and friend of Warhol.
  • Gabriella Cohen, great Italian dancer represented in a splendid negative.
  • Marilynn Karp, wife of the art seller Ivan Karp.
  • Marina Ferrero, famous Italian journalist.

All these characters posed for Warhol, who took several shots for each before the perfect acetate.

Andy Warhol, Acetates for Sale: Price and Value

If you are interested in buying one or more of the artworks of the series in acetates by Andy Warhol, prices and value are available by selecting one and clicking on "SHOW PRICE".

A member of the staff of the Deodato Arte Gallery will contact you by e-mail, sending you all the information for the series of acetates and for Andy Warhol’s prices and quotations.

The acetates of the undisputed Pop Art artist Andy Warhol are among the most popular and requested artworks.