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Golden Marilyn

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Andy Warhol: Golden Marilyn (After) - Andy Warhol chooses the American diva Marilyn Monroe as his subject. The star is transformed by Warhol into an icon of mass culture (in this series, Marilyn is predominantly portrayed in gold) and American society. By selecting a subject well-known to the general public, Andy Warhol initiates a process of "democratization" of art. The essence of Pop Art lies precisely in creating an art that is accessible and understandable to everyone, reflecting the reality and contemporary American society to the artist.

Discover the original, signed Marilyns by Andy Warhol in the dedicated section!

Marilyn signed in original

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What does "Screenprints After" of Andy Warhol Golden Marilyn Monroe means?

After means they have been realized AFTER the artist's death, therefore they are not signed and, for this reason, have affordable prices.

Sunday B Morning, is the name of the publishing company that keeps printing the famous screenprins by Andy Warhol.

The quality of the Golden Marilyn Screenprins is exceptional, they are accurate and faithful to the originals, they just have a lower value as collector's item.

The colours of this series are identical to the one of the Andy Warhol Marilyn.

The price of these screenprints is much lower compared to the original signed artworks.

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