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Stik: Works for Sale with Prices

Stik: Art for Sale on Deodato Arte - The iconic artworks of British writer Stik depict stylised silhouettes of people. These minimalist artworks have a strong communicative impact, so much so that each of them was created with the community in mind.

The works by Stik have featured in important collaborations such as with Amnesty International and the Reclaim the Streets collective.

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    Stik: Biography of the British Writer

    Born in 1979, Stik is a well-known British writer whose artistic output is mainly based in East London. His artistic activity began in the early 2000s, when, in his early twenties, Stik began depicting what would become his iconic stylized little men that would make him internationally famous.

    The first works of Stik were done on doors and on the sides of buildings. During this period the artist used to live in homeless shelters and public housing.

    In the following years, Stik's artistic activity expanded beyond the streets of London and reached gallery spaces throughout the city. Subsequently, his artistic output expanded and he came to make paintings, sculptures and limited edition prints while always maintaining his minimalist iconography.

    Such a simple and direct style allows Stik to spread his message in an easy and understandable way in addition to his commitment to social justice.

    Very little is known about the artist's private life; in fact, he prefers to remain anonymous. Among the little information that has been made public is that Stik has never had any real artistic training in addition to being homeless for years.

    In 2012 the London Evening Standard reported that Stik "was living in a homeless hostel in St. Mungo's last year while preparing for his first gallery show." The following year, the artist distributed numerous copies of posters he made through The Big Issue magazine, which is a street newspaper published in eight countries, written by professional journalists and sold by homeless people.

    "I felt invisible and this was my way of showing that I am here." - Stik

    Artworks and Style

    The artworks made by Stik are stylized figures that resemble the silhouettes of people. These minimalist works have a strong communicative impact and have enabled the artist to create successful works all over the world, from Europe to Asia but also in America.

    In fact, his works have been featured in important collaborations such as with Amnesty International and the Reclaim the Streets collective.

    Stik: Big Mother

    One of street artist Stik's best-known and most popular murals is Big Mother, painted on the Charles Hocking Estate of Action in London. The artist decided to paint on one side of a tenement building a mother and child as they solemnly gaze at the houses below. 

    The building, which was supposed to be demolished, has become a symbol of protest against the destruction of council houses as well as a message of support from the local community.

    Stik and the social causes

    Feeling he was indebted to those who helped him in his early years, Stik repeatedly stated how making his works was a way of giving back to the community. Each of his works was therefore made with the community in mind as if it were a donation.

    In addition to thanking the community that spurred him to create his artworks Stik is also very much connected to other social causes. In fact, in 2010, after the attempted attack by Islamic extremists on Lars Vilks, Stik created the work A Couple Hold Hands in the Street where a Muslim woman is seen holding hands with one of the artist's traditional figures. The work was immediately embraced by the Muslim community and in 2017 the mural was voted the 17th favorite artwork in the UK in a Guardian poll.

    Throughout his career, Stik has dedicated himself to philanthropy, specifically to raise funds for the causes closest to his heart. Works that denounce social situations and call the public out on certain issues include the 2014 murals Little Big Mother, where the need to provide social housing for those most in need is denounced, and 2020's Holding Hands (Maquette), which sold at auction and enabled the artist to fund an outdoor sculpture program in Hackney.


    For those interested in the works by Stik for sale, Deodato Arte offers a selection of the artist's works for sale online.

    If interested in learning about Stik, prices, value or which works will be on display at the Deodato Arte Contemporary Art Gallery, please do not hesitate to contact us by sending an e-mail to [email protected].