Marco Lodola

Marco Lodola, artist among the founders of the New Futurism movement, is recognized all over the world for its bright colors and clear shapes, in a style always full of positivity and optimism. His artworks are made with different techniques, from canvas to light sculpture and Pop subjects, often related to the world of mass media and music:

  • Light Sculptures: These are sculptures made of perspex and neon. The large sculptures are wall-mounted and can also be found in perspex and led, while the small ones are free-standing. The bright sculptures by Marco Lodola are all unique pieces inspired by the lights of metropolises around the world.
  • Canvas: These are unique pieces made on canvas with the use of acrylics. They are characterized by bright colors and the unmistakable subjects typical of his production: the famous couples of lovers (such as dancers or couples on a Vespa), the characters of the circus and music.
  • Polymaterial Screenprint on Paper: The subjects chosen by Marco Lodola refer to the world of mass media, advertising, music and their icons. They are all limited edition artworks, signed and numbered in original by the artist.
  • Sericollages on PVC: Made entirely by hand, they are presented in bright colours that underline the playful side of Marco Lodola's artworks. This type of support allows the artworks to be backlit. They are all limited edition works, signed and numbered in original.

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  1. ON REQUEST Porsche bianca (light sculpture)
  2. ON REQUEST Vespa (light sculpture)
  3. ON REQUEST Vespa e amore (Light Sculpture)
  4. ON REQUEST The Apple - Beatles (light sculpture)
  5. ON REQUEST Audrey Hepburn (light sculpture)
  6. ON REQUEST Marilyn Monroe (light sculpture)
  7. ON REQUEST Ballerini Innamorati (light sculpture)
  8. ON REQUEST Il volto degli altri (Light sculpture)
  9. ON REQUEST Londra (light sculpture)
  10. ON REQUEST Firenze (light sculpture)
  11. ON REQUEST Surfista (light sculpture)
  12. ON REQUEST Ballerina  (Light Sculpture)
  13. ON REQUEST Vacanze Romane (light sculpture)
  14. ON REQUEST Volto degli altri (light sculpture)
  15. ON REQUEST Pin up in vespa (light sculpture)
  16. ON REQUEST Pin up a cavallo  (light sculpture)
  17. ON REQUEST Pin-Up e Chitarra (light sculpture)
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Marco Lodola

marco lodola

Marco Lodola was born in 1955 in Pavia. He attended the Fine Arts Academy of Florence and Milan. His career started at the beginnings of the 80s, close to the New Futurism trend, a movement created by Renato Barilli, and then he began to expose in all the world (Italy, Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore, New York). He has collaborated with important musicians such as Max Pezzali and Jovanotti and he made scenic designs for cinema, television and theatre.

Marco Lodola is internationally famous, very appreciated for his unique Pop style that combines art, music, cinema and design. His artworks, in particular his luminous sculptures made with perspex and neon, are characterised by vivid colours and well known subjects, such as Pin Ups, Scooters, cars, sport, and famous people.