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About Us

Deodato Arte is the leading brand in Italy (and a worldwide reference point) for Pop and Street Art. We offer to our audience and collectors the works of the most famous international artists such as Banksy, Mr. Brainwash, Jeff Koons, Romero Britto, Damien Hirst, Takashi Murakami, Andy Warhol and many others, including many represented exclusively in Italy and worldwide.

From the opening of the first gallery in 2010, Deodato Arte has invested in digital and technology for an offer as advanced as possible and to "modernize" the art world, in our opinion still far from the revolutions of the last 20 years. For this reason, in addition to our physical locations (currently 2 galleries in Milan, 1 gallery in Porto Cervo, 1 gallery in Pietrasanta, 1 gallery in Padua, 1 gallery in Courmayeur, 1 gallery in Rome, 1 gallery in Chia, 1 gallery in St. Moritz) you can count on our social channels (Facebook and Instagram) and our website, the first Italian art e-commerce, in three languages and with worldwide shipments. In 2022, thanks to the collaboration with LIEU.city, we created the Deodato Arte Metaverse, our virtual reality space accessible anywhere and on any device.

In recent years, the growing success has led Deodato Arte Gallery to expand in Europe and worldwide. In 2020 we acquired the Wunderkammern Gallery (Rome/Milan), a reference point for Street Art. It is planning an opening in the United States.




Transparency, quality, and accessibility. As explained by Deodato Salafia in his book "Contemporary Art ‘How to’: Your first five works of art" our philosophy is to overcome the closed-mindedness and elitism typical of the art world. Deodato Arte is for everyone, from the established collector to the newbie or simple enthusiast. In the gallery as well as online, prices are always displayed or easily deducible. Don’t be afraid, anyone can get in touch with us and receive all the information needed. Accessibility also lies in our differentiated offer: at Deodato Arte you can buy a work of art for a few hundred euros, but also unique pieces and coveted limited editions of very high value.

Deodato Arte's philosophy is also in innovation. The innovative business model of the gallery has allowed Deodato Arte to become a reference point for the market, and research in technology (and not only) leads us to continuously challenge ourselves, from augmented reality to technologies such as chatbots and robotics combined with AI.

And last, but equally essential, is social commitment and compliance. Although tax policies, VAT application methods and bureaucracy do not work properly in our opinion, Deodato Arte is committed to respecting the rules. The first social commitment is to contribute to the system by paying due taxes and to contribute to the sector by spreading the art and making it closer to people. The brand's commitment is to generate profits, employ as many people as possible and contribute to the GDP of the countries in which we operate, for a sustainable and shared growth.


At the heart of Deodato Arte Gallery is Deodato Salafia (Deodato is the first name, not the last name). Computer scientist and theologian, he has been a programmer of algorithms since 1986 and has experienced the boom of personal computers and the new economy at first hand. He bought his first artwork in 2001 and opened his first gallery in 2010. He is the author of the best seller "Contemporary Art ‘How to’: Your first five works of art" and is an expert in business processes and digital marketing.

All around a young and dynamic team, with an academic background in the art and/or in technology and computer science. From the digital channels to the physical ones, we manage the complexity of Deodato Arte Gallery and we are always available to the customer and to anyone who would like to get in touch with us.

For further doubts, questions or curiosity do not hesitate to contact us at the number +39 0280886294, via email at [email protected] or using the website chat.