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Le tue prime cinque opere d'Arte Contemporanea

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Artist: Deodato Salafia Width: 15 cm
Height: 20 cm
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Dedato Salafia - Le tue prime cinque opere d'arte contemporane

Le tue prime cinque opere d'arte contemporanea (Contemporary Art "how to": Your First Five Works of Art) is a brief vademecum on how to begin your journey in the art collectibles world. 15 chapters where the author deals with all the main aspects to get acquaninted to this world:  the reasons why people buy art, the initial fears of who doesn't know where to start and who to trust, advise on how to invest on an emerging artist and the role of the fairs. Ultimately you will find explanations also on all the practical aspects, from taxation and authenticity certifications to the importance of the frame we choose to protect our purchases.

This book is characterised by its frankness and his soul far away from snob, that are original features in the nonfiction world on contemporary world. A textbook for non-experts written from who was in the same spot twenty years ago and read his experience in the present. A sefl made man in the world of collecting artworks who decides to share his path with as many people as possible. The intent is to make affordable this world to people who does not consider himself an expert: art is for everyone and this book proves it.

Choose the language you prefer: Le tue prime cinque opere d'arte contemporanea is available in Italian, English, and French.






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