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Bearbrick - Artworks for sale online with price and value

Bearbrick: Art for Sale on Deodato Arte - Known and appreciated all over the world, Bearbrick are art toys produced by the Japanese company Medicom toy that have revolutionized the conception of action figures, turning them into true icons of street-culture.

Their numerous collaborations with contemporary artists include those with KAWS and the collaboration to pay homage to the artist Jean Michel Basquiat.

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    Bearbrick and the street-culture

    Known and appreciated all over the world, the Bearbrick (known also as Be@rbrick) are collectible toys produced by the Japanese company Medicom toy. The company was founded in Japan in 1996, and it released the first toy in 2001 as a gift to World Character Convention 12 visitors in Tokyo. Thanks to Medicom, Bearbrick revolutionized the conception of action figures from simple toy models to collectible art toys and street-culture icons.

    Today, the popular toys made by Medicom, Bearbrick toys have been released in a variety of sizes and materials ranging from wood to porcelain as well as carbon fiber and plastic. 

    Bearbrick toy themes and most famous collections

    The Bearbrick toy represent the figure of an anthropomorphic and stylized bear, from which they take part of their name. Each Bearbrick consists of nine parts: head, torso, sides, arms, hands and legs. The difference between the Bearbrick and other collectible models lies in the different themes in which they are depicted. From the horror Bearbrick inspired by the most famous horror films, to the Bearbrick dedicated to DC Comics heroes and superheroes, to the Bearbrick dedicated to famous artists. 

    Of great importance and demand are the editions made in collaboration with contemporary artists and designers such as Karl Lagerfeld and Vivienne Westwood

    Among the company's most famous and iconic collaborations with contemporary artists are the Medicom Bearbrick Kaws collections, in which the international artist creates a limited edition Dissected Companion, a reworking of Kaws' iconic art toy with typical Bearbrick traits.

    Another great collaboration is with artist Jean Michel Basquiat. Bearbrick wanted to pay homage to one of the most famous and well-known American graffiti artists.

    Bearbrick 1000 and 400: The most popular sizes

    Medicom toys are made in different sizes: from Bearbrick 1000 to Bearbrick 400, the most popular among collectors, but also in smaller sizes. The percentage value accompanying the work indicates its height: 100% is equivalent to 7 cm, ranging from 70 cm for 1000% to 3.5 cm for 50%.




    1000 %

    70 cm

    400 %

    28 cm

    200 %

    14,5 cm

    100 %

    7 cm

    70 %

    5 cm

    50 %

    3,5 cm


    Bearbricks for sale on Deodato Arte

    For those who are interested in discovering about Bearbicks, for sale with prices and value on Deodato Arte offers a selection of works for sale online. Find out more about Bearbrick 400 for sale and the other sizes, like the Bearbrick 1000 for sale.

    To discover which works by Bearbrick will be on display at the Deodato Arte Contemporary Art Gallerydo not hesitate to contact us by sending an e-mail to [email protected].