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Mr. Brainwash

Mr. Brainwash - Original Art for Sale - MBW Artworks Prices

Mr. Brainwash: Art for Sale on Deodato Arte - Among the world's most valued street artists, Thierry Guetta (aka Mr. Brainwash) is known for his colourful and joyful works that merge images from popular culture, art history, media and advertising. Slogans such as Life Is Beautiful and Never Give Up have become trademarks of his art.

In 2010, he starred in the celebrated docu-film directed by Banksy Exit Through the Gift Shop.

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Why and How to Buy Mr Brainwash Art for Sale on Deodato

Mr. Brainwash

Mr Brainwash Artworks are very requested in all the world and by the most important art collectors and Art Galleries.

Our Mr Brainwash Art Gallery online is perfect to find the right artwork to enhance your art collection.

Here you can find Last Original Artwork of Mr Brainwash's 2019 Street Art either Exclusive Limited Edition or Unique Pieces.

Discover why on Deodato Art Gallery you can Buy Only ORIGINAL Mr Brainwash Artworks for Sale Online like if you were shopping in the most famous and exclusive Art Galleries.

How to Buy Mr Brainwash Original Art For Sale - Signature and Prices

Before investing in street artist and then Buy Mr Brainwash Art, you must know some things about Prices and Original Signed Artwork.

You must know that the artist's works are not all signed in the same way. We have Expert that can validate an Original Artwork.

Certificate, Signature and Price Range

Depending on the value of the Work Mr Brainwash has decided to authenticate them differently.

The greater the value of the Work , the more authoritative the type of Certification adopted by the Street Artist.

Let’s go into more details with the following table.

Mr Brainwash Original Signed by Prices
Artworks by Mr.Brainwash Prices Range Type of Autentication
Low Prices Artworks Under 500 Dollars
  • Fingerprint
  • Sometime with Printed Signature
Large Circulation Under 1000 Dollars
  • Fingerprint
  • Sometime with Printed Signature
Old Limited Edition From 3000 to 15000 Dollars
  • Someone has Original Signature
Limited Edition From 1000 to 8000 Dollars
  • Front: Signed by Mr.Brainwash
  • Back: Fingerprint with Date
Unique Pieces Medium Price From 15000 to 50000 Dollar
  • Middle-Front: Signed by Mr.Brainwash
  • Back: Fingerprint + Unique Dollar Serial Number
  • Post Sale: Authenticity Certificate + 1 Dollar Banknote of SN on Works
Unique Pieces High Price Over 50000 Dollar
  • Middle-Front: Signed by Mr.Brainwash
  • Back: Fingerprint + Unique Dollar Serial Number
  • Post Sale: Authenticity Certificate + 2 Dollar Banknote of SN on Works

The Certificate of Authenticity - COA of Unique Pieces

Original Unique Pieces are Always accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity sent after the purchase of MBW artwork.

The certificate of authenticity is a document on paper with the Original signature and the Original fingerprint of Mr Brainwash.

This certificate is burned along the perimeter and in some cases is accompanied by splashes of bright colour.

The dollar, with the serial number corresponding to the serial number written on the back of the purchased work, is attached to the certificate of authenticity as a further confirmation of having an Original Mr Brainwash Art Work.

To distinguish unique pieces of greater value, instead of one dollar bill, the artist uses a two-dollar bill.

Example Certificate of Authenticity by Original Mr Brainwash Art For Sale
Example of Original Mr Brainwash CoA

Why Invest in Mr Brainwash? - Net Worth and Artist's Choice

To Invest in Art of Mr Brainwash is considered by many Art Critics and Expert to be an Intelligent Investment.

Our Advice when you are deciding to invest in art, is to spend time researching and to think with you head.

A good research is to look for "Mr Brainwash Net Worth". We can easily find that actually in 2019 MBW net Worth is 20 Million Dollars and in 2016 was about 10 Million Dollars.

The non-conformist choices made by of MBW compared to traditional street art are among the reasons of the continous growth of Thierry Guetta's patrimony.

The Artist Mr Brainwash has for example chosen to convey his art mainly through events and galleries, except for some building or urban wall.

This decision, together with other choices, make the value of Mr Brainwash Art Grow continuously.

Who is Mr Brainwash aka Thierry Guetta?

Who is Mr Brainwash? About Mr Brainwash Artist Biography you must know his real name is Thierry Guetta, born in Garges-lès-Gonesse in France.

At the age of 15 Thierry Guetta moved with his family to Los Angeles, where he actually lives and works in his secret workshop.

Thierry Guetta before becaming an artist, was the owner of a vintage store in LA.

Thierry had a passion: filming everything with his beloved camera, which he always carried around his neck.

The course of Mr Guetta life changed in 1999.

He travelled to France and he found out that his cousin had a secret life: he was the famous street-artist Space Invader.

After Thierry Guetta decided to dedicate himself to film his cousin and his friends, he started to travel all over the world.

This way, Mr Brainwash had the opportunity to meet lots of street artists.

The turning point of his life was when he met the two important street-artists Obey (Shepard Farey) and Banksy.

He filmed their artistic creations for some years.

2008 - First Exhibition of Mr Brainwash: Life is Beautiful

In 2008 Thierry Guetta decided to start creating his own art. To make Mr Brainwash art known, the artist organized an Exhibition.

His first exhibition took place in Los Angeles, on Hollywood's Walk of Fame Sunset Boulevard, inside a space of around 15,000 square-foot.

The name of the show that started on the 18th of June 2008, was Life is Beautiful and it was a big success.

At the Show were exhibited 300 Mr Brainwash Artworks like paintings, prints and sculptures.

There were also a sculpture made of 100,000 shoes and a real-size of Edward Hopper's Nighthawks.

Thanks to Life is Beautiful Exhibition Mr Brainwash earned more than 1.000.000 dollars by selling his artworks.

It was in this way that the life of Thierry Guetta changed completely.

Later on, Mr. Brainwash made many other like exhibitions on 2015 in NYC or in Milan on 2019 renamed 'Milan is Beautiful'

How Thierry Guetta becames Mr Brainwash: Exit Through The Gift Shop

Thanks to his passion for the camera, Guetta began filming his cousin and other artists every night.

During this period his passion for street-art increased day by day.

Beginning From 2008, Thierry decided to dedicate himself to the street-art scene.

We can know more about the life of the French-born artist Thierry Guetta in the documentary Exit Through The Gift Shop.

The greatest street artist Banksy directed this film.

All the scenes that Thierry realised with his camera are part of the documentary Exit Through The Gift Shop, that was presented at the Sundance Film Festival in 2010.

Banksy Doc - Mr Brainwash - Exit Through The Gift Shop
Movie Poster of Banksy Doc About MBW:
Exit Through the Gift Shop

MBW? Banksy? Is Mr Brainwash Banksy?

There is a popular question: is Mr Brainwash Banksy? Lots of people think that under the hidden personality of Banksy there is Mr. Brainwash.

Mr Brainwash and Banksy are friends. Thierry Guetta followed and filmed Banksy during the realisation of some of his works all over the world.

But the more important fact is that Banksy directed the documentary Exit Through The Gift Shop. In this way he contributed to increase Mr Brainwash popularity.

It is for this reason that Mr Brainwash dedicated some of his works to Banksy. For example, He realised the works Banksy Thrower and the Girl with Balloon.

Mr Brainwash and Music Collaborations

After his exhibition in Los Angeles in 2008, he became soon one of the most important street-artists in the world.

From 2009 he began to collaborate with very important singers and for the greatest hits.

Mr Brainwash realised the cover of Madonna’s album “Celebration”.

He worked also with Michael Jackson, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, the Black Keys and Rick Ross.

All these collaborations contributed to increase his reputation and career as Artist.

Mr Brainwash Art and His Icons

The art of Mr Brainwash is very characteristic.

He realiseds his unique artworks in mixed media on a precious handmade sheet of paper or on canvas.

The artist uses different techniques:

  • - stencil,
  • - painting,
  • - collages,
  • - dripping.

The style is that of Pop Art.

His paintings are about love and positive vibes and full of colours.

The subjects, either famous celebrities, comics’ characters, children taking photos or writing messages of support.

These are the reasons why Mr. Brainwash art is so appreciated among young people and also why people love to invest in his works and use them to decorate their homes.

Very particular are the backgrounds because they are all different from each other.

They are an explosion of colours and filled with references of all the greatest artists and personalities of cinema, music and cartoons.

Famous Artist's Subject of Mr Brainwash Art

In Mr Brainwash Art works we can see the famous Marilyn Monroe or Campbell's Soup of Andy Warhol, Keith Haring’s primitive men, the Balloon Girl and the Thrower of Banksy.

Some recent work have as subject the Monna Lisa holding Jeff Koons’ famous Balloon Dog, or driving a vintage Ferrari.

Celebrities Subject of Mr Brainwash Artwork

Mr. Brainwash Einstein, who holds up the sign “Love is the Answer” is one of source of inspiration of the artist as one of the most appreciated subjects.

Another celebrity that appears frequently is Mr Brainwash Charlie Chaplin.

Then there are also Queen Elizabeth, absolute protagonist of Mr. Brainwash “Queen Aviator”, Hitchcock, Billie Holiday screaming “Life is Beautiful”.

Some Other Celebrities are:

  • - Beatles,
  • - Elvis Presley,
  • - Bob Marley
  • - Kardashian
  • - Marilyn Monroe
  • - Muhhammad Ali
  • - David Bowie

Comics Subject of MBW Art work

Recurrent are also the subjects from the comic world such as Famous Mr. Brainwash Batman vs Superman and some other like:

  • - Batman,
  • - Superman,
  • - Aquaman,
  • - Captain America,
  • - Spiderman,
  • - Mikey Mouse,
  • - Mikey and Minnie.

The Writings inside Mr Brainwash Art

Writings are another big part of Mr Brainwash Art.

As a matter of fact, slogans and sentences have a central role in his artworks.

Examples are Mr Brainwash Follow Your Dreams print, the most famous probably being the one with the chimpanzee spraying the phrase on the wall.

Or again Chaplin with the heart, EinsteinLove is the answer”.

In addition to these most known pieces, must be also counted an army of kids associated with sentences such as:

  • - “Dream big Dreams”,
  • - “Never Never Give Up”,
  • - “Life is Beautiful”,
  • - “Follow your Heart”,
  • - “Love is the Answer”,
  • - “Smile

and so on…

Life is Beautiful: Not Only an Exhibition

Life is Beautiful is not only the name of Mr Brainwash's first exhibition in Los Angeles in 2008.

This phrase became soon his slogan.

Thierry Guetta is a person always positive, smiling and cheerful.

His personal purpose is to bring joy and positive messages of love through his art and works.

This sentence is so important for him that he always writes it behind all his unique works.

Mr Brainwash Produced also some artworks like sculptures and paintings with neon using the slogan "Life is Beautiful".