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Miaz Brothers

The works by the Miaz Brothers finally available thanks to the partnership with Wunderkammern Gallery.

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Roberto and Renato - the Miaz Brothers - were born in Monza, near Milan, in 1965 and 1968 respectively. Since they were children, they have shared a great curiosity and desire to create which, as they grew up, evolved into a process of shared artistic creation.

They attended the European Institute of Design, but they did not just learn about art, they were also interested in science, philosophy, and technology. They chose to embark on an unconventional path that led them to live and travel all over the world, from New York to Paris, from South America to Asia.

They realised their first installations in unusual spaces, mainly in clubs such as "Insomnia" in Pisa and "Cocoricò" in Riccione. In these places, experimental music resonated with their creations, which interacted with a wide audience in a direct and spontaneous way.

In 1996 they had their first gallery exhibitions in Milan and in 2011 they were awarded the prestigious Arte Laguna 5th Prize for the Painting section; shortly afterwards they exhibited at the Arsenale in Venice and their career took off. They are currently represented by major art galleries and participate in international fairs and events.


The Miaz Brothers’ art is the result of a long process of aesthetic research. They experimented with a variety of techniques, including photography and video, before focusing on painting. They chose to focus on this activity out of a desire to bring new ideas to a field with a long history.

With their original technique they renewed the approach to portraiture, working with airbrush and acrylics to create works with blurred contours that are enigmatic and suggestive. Their out-of-focus figures engage the viewer, challenge their perception, and never allow themselves to be completely defined.


Throughout their career, the Miaz Brothers have collaborated with major brands such as Adidas, Swatch, Piaggio, Nike, Elite, Diesel, Puma, Kenzo and many others, with whom they have designed interventions aimed at raising artistic awareness.

In 2017 they designed the cover for the New York Times Magazine and in 2021 the cover for Italian singer Achille Lauro's latest album "LAURO - Achille Idol Superstar”.


Deodato Arte Group, thanks to its partnership with the Wunderkammern gallery, offers an exclusive selection of works by the Miaz Brothers signed in original and provided with certificate of authenticity.

To learn more about the artists and the works available at Deodato Arte Group, please contact us by sending an email to [email protected].