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Dorit Levinstein

Dorit Levinstein: Works for Sale with Prices

Dorit Levinstein: Art for Sale on Deodato Arte - Balance and harmony come to life in the iconic elongated and colourful forms of Dorit Levinstein's works. The strong Pop Art influence in her works can be seen in the use of bright colours as well as in the depiction of iconic subjects such as Marilyn Monroe.

Levinstein's works manage to be a bridge to the great masters of Pop Art such as Andy Warhol and Robert Indiana.

Dorit Levinstein
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    Dorit Levinstein: Biography of the Artist

    Dorit Levinstein was born in 1956 and she graduated in graphic design at Technion School of Technology. She continued studying painting and sculpture at the Anvi Institute of Art and Designin Tel Aviv, where she taught art from 1985 to 1988.

    From 1989 she experiments with techniques and materials achieving a harmonious fusion between sculpture and painting. In this first phase Dorit Levinstein creates wood and aluminium painted sculptures until she crafts her unique and personal style in the bronze painted sculptures for which nowadays she is popular all over the world.

    The artworks by Levinstein feature in many private collections and are exhibited in art galleries all over the world as in New York, Lyon, San Francisco, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Singapore, Berlin, Hamburg, Paris and many more. She was also commissioned several indoor and outdoor works for municipalities and prestigious hotels.

    Subjects and Meaning of Levinstein’s Works

    Strong emotions and introspection constitute the art of Dorit Levinstein and they find in the sculpture harmony and balance, creating the artist’s iconic stretched coloured shapes. She represents different and varied subjects, from human figures to animals and flowers, but also zodiac signs and inscriptions.

    Levinstein thus sculpted icons and symbols of contemporary age and pop culture including Marylin Monroe, Michael Jackson, Charlie Chaplin, Bart Simpson and many others, as well as masters of art history and motion characters as her iconic dancers.

    The same positivity and harmony that characterize her characters can also be found in the inscriptions of the Typographic Art series as in the colourful sculpture Love.  

    "I don't make any preliminary sketches. I work intuitively in my studio ‘drawing’ three-dimensional figures in space. Intense concentration is required. In a way, it's like a choreography of matter. All the information and details needed must be included in one continuous, flowing line." - Dorit Levinstein 

    Style and Influences

    Long and extended lines are the distinctive treat of Dorit Levinstein's style and they create joyful sculptures that express a sense of grace and peace. The colour empowers this process by bright tones and sharp combinations. The artist alternates solid colours, polka dots and striped motifs, following her personal imagination and creativity.

    Suggestions and influences from other painters merge in the art of Dorit Levinstein, in particular Cezanne, Gaudi and Klimt. In regard to sculpture, Levinstein’s oeuvre reflects the impact of great masters like Henry Moore and Niki de Saint Phalle.

    The explosion of colours of her artworks is a typical trait of a pop tendency that directly recalls American Pop Art. Some of her iconic subjects like the beautiful sculptures Marylin Monroe and Love build a bridge with Pop Art masters like Andy Warhol and Robert Indiana.

    Artworks of Dorit Levinstein on Deodato Arte

    For those who love Dorit Levinstein’s art, Deodato Arte offers a selection of her most beautiful works on our website.

    For more information about the artist and his works, do not hesitate to contact us.