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If you are looking for Mr Brainwash Art for Sale, famous french Born Artist based in Los Angeles, and you would like to invenst in Contemporary Art, then Buy Mr Brainwash Art can torn out to be a very Intelligen Investment.

On Deodato Arte Gallery, the first Art e-Commerce in Italy, you can by works of art by Mr. Brainwash, Original Signed and with Certificate of Authenticity.

Below you can find Mr. Brainwash Original Art for Sale divided by type of Artworks:

  • Canvas or Paper: Unique Works to add to your collection Original Artworks of mixed Art, Street Art, Pop Art, and Graffiti Art by Mister Brainwash. The Price of works on Paper of Mr Brainwash Painting for Sale is more accesible than Canvas Artworks.
  • Neon: Unique Works created with the integration of Neon to enhance the message of Mr Brainwash Art. The Prices of this Original Art for Sale are lower than those of Wall Artwork and highter than Paper and Canvas Artworks.
  • Wall: Large Artworks of MBW - Unique Pieces - Stencil and mixed media on rolling metal, wood and road signs. The prices of these Works are for real estimator of Mr Brainwash Street Art.
  • Exclusive Limited Edition: Original Artworks in Limited Edition created by Mr Brainwash. Exclusive series like Vespa or Milan's Tram produced for Milan is Beautiful Exhibition 2019 at Deodato Art Gallery.
  • Sculptures: Artworks in very Limited Edition. Among these sculptures can be found both Works with affordable Prices or even complete sets of sculptures, for collectors who want to make their collection more exclusive.
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José Molina Screenprints

The Screenprints realised by José Molina  portrait human beings, animals, nature and concepts; if, often, the images are clear and recognizable, other times they show hybrid creatures, almost alienating.

Differently from others, the works in series by Molina are not printed in big editions; Deodato Arte Gallery proposes, among the screenprints, different artworks for genre, colours and impressions.

The research conducted by Molina is self-examining: the images of his paintings are therefore metaphorical.

Very diverse, Molina Screenprints are an Athlas of Human Beings.

They represent the relationships between mankind and our society, the feelings and moods that take form through the figures of these almost surrealist figures.

The subjects and themes of Molina Screenprints

The subjects of these artworks on paper are various.

With these screenprints it is possible to find a visual dictonary that, with the passing of time, will be often represented in great part of José Molina artistic production.

The subjects can be grouped in

  • People. Anthropomorphic figures, recognizable at a first glance, but distorted in their details: huge mouths, elongated fingers, blurring heads which are moods' caricatures.
  • Things. They are heavy burdens, feelings, actions, moments; finally, Molina reproduces concepts, giving form to what is abstract.
  • Scenes. Fragments of our society or elements that belongs to our life and end up creating a place repository of significances, represented through the use of metaphors.

Despite the different representations, what matters to Molina is the meaning hidden within his works: the artist creates exaggerated portraits of metaphor-characters that are ideas and concepts he interrogates himself about.