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The Sketches by José Molina

The sketches by José Molina are realised with grease pencil, oil, acrylic or charcoal on paper.

The union between technique and immagination makes his works pictures of human beings who are distorted in the forms, but shaped following their essence.

The psychological search on the subjects is at the basis of his works: these are transformed based on the epistemological vision of the artist.

The almost surreal immagination of Molina  is stretched to the limits: The drawings take life from abstraction and strongly convey the meanings through the forms.

The mystic journey of the mind is both the starting point and the finishing line: José Molina examins the human instincts, he analyses them and gives form to the resulting conclusions.

The Subjects of the Drawings

The subjects presented in Molina drawings are multiples and visually strong. 

If, at the beginning, the figures are recognizable because anthropomorphic, at a second look we need to wonder who really is the subject.

Is it really thew figure we are looking at? Knowing the philosophy enclosed is all his works, we can say that, behid his figures, Molina portraits feelings: the forms are anthropomorphic, sometimes in a very realistic way, some others in a more distorted one.

The feelings are shown on the canvas and can incite in the viewer a silent self-examination; the background is almost always in plain colour, so to highlight and isolate the main figure, which is represented in relief compared to what surrounds it.

José Molina Technique

“I've decided to use a "photographic" technique, with the documentary intent to make my characters as realistics as possible: if they wern't this real, we would feel more detatched from them".

And this is true; the softened colours and the shades creates an evocative and disturbing effect: the figures talk to us, the relief is so realistic that they seem almost in three dimensions.

Most of the drawings proposed by Deodato Arte Gallery are realised in grease pencil on paper, but ther are also works realised in charcoal and sanguine.

These materials are simple and primitive: the encounter between the simplicity of the materias and the complexity of the meanings and the drawings is a recurrent game in José Molina style, who sees art as a way to question and investigate human's matters.