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Felipe Cardena

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Felipe Cardeña: Artworks for Sale at Deodato Arte - Felipe Cardeña's Flower Power universe is characterised by an eclectic and versatile style, so much so that he surrounds images from the mass culture with a fairy-tale background, which is somewhere between reality and imagination.

The most famous icons of the 20th and 21st centuries are surrounded by the artist's beautiful holes and thus become food for thought on the chaos of contemporary life.

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Felipe Cardeña - Biography of the Power Flower artist

Born in 1979, Felipe Cardeña is a street artist shrouded in mystery. 

Called a "Banksy-style mystery artist" by Corriere della Sera, Felipe Cardeña is an artist who hides his true identity from most. 

The artist's face remains hidden from the public, unlike his works, which are recognizable to all. His artistic production mainly consists of the juxtaposition of pop culture elements and colorful flowers.

The scattered and contradictory identity comes with the limpid figurative choice that distinguishes them. We can affirm with some certainty that he has lived in Madrid, Barcelona, Athens, Rome, Milan, Tirana, Sofia, and other European cities. In addition, he has participated in numerous exhibitions worldwide, both as an invited artist and as an "underground" artist. 

However, the possibility that behind the figure of Felipe, there is a collective of artists with different backgrounds and origins, probably related to the world of street art, cannot be ruled out.

After a few appearances in different exhibitions, such as Vade Retro (curated by Vittorio Sgarbi and Eugenio Viola) and Street Art Sweet Art in Milan, Cardeña's first significant project, Power Flower, was born towards the end of 2007. The project is an opportunity to discover color, explore its nuances, and play with juxtapositions. 

The different subjects of Power Flower's works range from ancient Greek statues to Manga, passing through pop icons such as superheroes and pin-ups. The common point of the artist's works is the presence of a colorful background.

The works of Felipe Cardeña and the Power Flower universe

The large, ever-changing collage is evolving, composed of vivid images derived from the common imagination.

 "I would like to transform the chaos of the world into beauty and the difficulty of living into eternal aesthetic joy. " - Felipe Cardeña

Felipe Cardeña's art is developed on nonconformism, as reflected in the repeated choice of the floral element. The flower is a recurring element in all his lively works, symbolizing the beauty and harmony of nature, life, and the world

A joyful and positive aesthetic that of the Spanish artist, who describes flowers as the fantastical model on which he builds the imaginative geography of his universe. The almost obsessive abundance of the flower in his works makes him unique, bizarre, and eccentric.

His artistic language is composed of collages, with a central image incorporating mythological heroes, gods, and contemporary icons, always surrounded by extreme floral decorativeness

The eclectic and versatile Hispanic-born artist's style contours images perceived as commonplace to most to a fairy-tale background, which sits on a plane somewhere between reality and imagination

The fantastic accompanies each subject, keeping the audience dangling within a magical dimension between dream and reality. Images, sensations, visions, and colors are entrenched, speaking of the different facets of the Spanish artist.

In addition, through iconic figures from pop culture and the ancient and modern art world, Cardeña silently protests the death of the contemporary art system, and rails against today's consumerist society and climate change

An example of the artist's social engagement is the work Climate Change (The Loss of Innocence) featuring Botticelli's Venus sinking into the sea represented by Hokusai's Wave

The best-known icons surrounded by beautiful holes thus become food for thought on the chaos of contemporary life, in which we display and share billions of images, blooming like precious flowers on our devices and screens.

Felipe Cardeña: Artworks for sale with Prices and Quotations from Deodato Arte 

For those interested in Felipe Cardeña's works for sale, Deodato Arte offers a wide selection of artists' works for sale online.

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