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Mr. Savethewall

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Mr. Savethewall: Art for Sale on Deodato Arte - Stage name of Pierpaolo Perretta, Mr. Savethewall is an Italian street-artist from Como. Among the supporters of Post Street Art, he works in the studio, contrary to the defacement of public walls.

His works are characterized by a light but effective irony towards contemporary society. Among the best-known artworks are the frogs in the Kiss Me series.

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Pierpaolo Perretta, aka Mr. Savethewall, is an Italian artist from Como. Mr. Savethewall was not immediately born as an artist. In fact, he began his career in a very different world from the artistic one, where he also became an important manager. As time goes by, however, he begins to feel the need for a change, to finally put his great creativity and talent to good use.

Moved by his great passion for art and, in particular, for street art, he therefore decided to devote himself full-time to this new activity. In 2013, he gave up a secure and well-paid job to express his vision of the world and society through art.

Mr. Savethewall immediately proves to be a different kind of street artist. In fact, he declares himself against the defacement of walls and, for this reason, decides not to create his murals directly on the walls, but to use easily removable adhesive tape. He also uses recyclable and environmentally friendly materials, such as cardboard. This gave rise to his stage name, which literally means Mr. Save the Wall, fully declaring his desire to protect urban decorum.


In just a short time, Mr. Savethewall proves to be an artist of high calibre and, above all, multifaceted. It is no coincidence, in fact, that he is gaining an increasing foothold in the art scene. In his works, Mr. Savethewall makes use of languages from street art and communication, as well as from the latest trends in contemporary art, recalling in his works famous artists to whom he looks up to: first and foremost, Banksy and Damien Hirst.

In Mr. Savethewall's works, it is clear to perceive an interpretation of today's society in an ironic and critical key. His works indeed present strong, direct and targeted messages. Mr. Savethewall's aim is not only to communicate his personal vision of society to his audience, but also to convey messages that are as clear as they are provocative, prompting the viewer to reflect personally on the world around him and its contradictions. From this comes the use of famous and immediately recognisable images and subjects, to which he also adds texts. In doing so, he not only makes the message even easier to grasp, but also leaves no room for misinterpretation.


The practice of so-called conceptual détournement has been known in the art world since the time of the Dadaists. This term refers to an artist's takeover of an existing image or work, of which he or she distorts the original meaning and gives it a new and often opposite meaning. This practice has been assimilated and internalised by Mr. Savethewall who uses it in his works.

In order to express his light but effective irony towards contemporary society, the artist draws inspiration from personalities from the world of culture, cinema and art history, which are re-proposed in a completely different light that moves away from the original purpose of these subjects and their meaning or function.

In addition, Mr. Savethewall's works do not fail to recall the religious and political spheres. Regardless of the chosen medium, therefore, his works all present strong, direct and targeted messages.


Famous all over the world is Mr. Savethewall's depiction of the well-dressed and elegant contemporary man who, however, has the appearance of a Frog. The artist's aim is to warn of the falsity of the famous fairy tale of the Princess and the Frog: the frog, even if he turns into a prince, is still a frog. The true moral of the tale is therefore that, as the artist himself states, 'a frog, even if well dressed, is and always remains a frog'.

But not only that: as anticipated, the artist does not remain superficial to his interpretations. The frog-man thus also becomes a representation of his acquaintances, real people, who pose by showing off their Rolexes and walking around well-dressed. In reality, beneath the appearance that often deceives, these people show themselves for what they really are: frogs.

This critical reflection gave rise to the famous work entitled Kiss Me, which has now become one of his best known and most iconographic works.


Another of Mr. Savethewall's most recognisable works is his reinterpretation of the famous sculpture by master Canova, Cupid and Psyche.

In this case too, the artist Mr. Savethewall inserts a message into the work that is both ironic and critical. The work depicts, in fact, the two protagonists of Canova's Cupid and Psyche intent, however, on taking a selfie, an emblematic symbol of today's relationship with smartphones.


Mr. Savethewall has created artworks with a very strong and provocative message, at times almost dramatic in how well it reflects today's reality.

The subject of these works is a small girl with blond hair who, bent over an Ipad, prays to it as if it were a divinity. The dramatic part of this work is the purpose of the little girl's prayer: to ask the Ipad to give her back her father, who is too busy with work to dedicate any time to her. Mr. Savethewall wants to awaken the consciences of all those people who do not realise that time spent working leads them to neglect their affections.


Among the most popular subjects of Mr. Savethewall's works are definitely the little birds. These two subjects, one real and the other the symbol of Twitter, try to communicate with each other but without success.

The meaning of these works is the irresolvable incommunicability between the real and virtual worlds, unable to meet in a common point.

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