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Obey: Limited Edition Prints for Sale

Known by the stage name of Obey, Shepard Fairey is one of the most famous street artists in the world.

His Street Art, original and innovative, has led to the creation of many works, including artworks made by the artist Obey Limited Edition Prints for sale, each signed in the original.

This production is divided into different themes and subjects produced in screen prints on paper with a strong visual impact.

Some of the screen prints feature icons, famous faces such as the famous subject by Obey André the Giant, rapper Proof, Paul McCartney and so on, in different colours and styles.

The characteristic of Obey's art is the simplicity of the use of tones and contrasts, which distinguish the works through a strong eye-catching, advertisement-like effect.

This characteristic is also found in the serigraphic production of the manifesto: serigraphs with propaganda connotations against wars and violence.

In this production, Obey's original style blends with the historical culture of posters, which in history have found and pursued peculiar qualities, and with a language and a pop character, sometimes comic strips.

Obey's Street Art and Sticker Art are worldwide reenowned not only for their fascinating aesthetics, but also for the message behind the art itself.

Obey addresses an important issue: the same society that has instructed us to move through images requires us to passively obey them without explaining their profound meaning.

Thus, Shepard Fairey creates works whose meaning merges with the message of his art itself: the reflection that raises a question, to which no answer can be found, leads to self-reflection and teaches us not to suffer passively but to react actively.

Obey's artworks thus become a subtle invective towards the system of contemporary society and at the same time are part of a pedagogical art, offering a solution to the problem they are fighting.

Milan: Obey - Limited Edition Prints at the Deodato Art Gallery for Sale

The worldwide renowned artworks by Obey Limited Edition Prints are available in Milan at the Deodato Art Gallery.

If you're attracted to Street Art and fascinated by Obey's artwork, visit our online gallery or one of our three locations in Milan.

Contact us by e-mail or by phone if you wish to receive more information, our team will be at your complete disposal to guide and advise you.