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Andy Warhol - Opere in Vendita Online con Prezzi e Quotazioni

Andy Warhol: Opere con Firma - Re della Pop Art e artista tra i più influenti del XX secolo, Andy Warhol è nato a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania nel 1928. I soggetti prediletti della sua arte sono oggetti simbolo del consumismo americano, icone del mondo dei media e ritratti di star. Tra questi l’iconica lattina Campbell’s Soup, le Brillo Box e i ritratti di Marilyn Monroe.

Oltre a esercitare un’enorme influenza sul mondo dell’arte attuale, Warhol è stato maestro di artisti quali Jean-Michel Basquiat e Keith Haring.

Realizzate dopo la Morte di Andy Warhol, queste serigrafie sono prodotte da Sunday B Morninge fedelmente alle serigrafie originali. Se desideri scoprire le opere di Andy Warhol firmate in originale, vai alla sezione dedicata.

Scopri le opere firmate in originale

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In 1967 Andy Warhol created a portfolio with Marilyn Monroe portrait taken from Niagara film's poster. The portfolio contained 10 screen prints and then it was printed in original edition of 250 copies. All the 250 prints of the original edition were signed by the artist, some with pencil and numbered overleaf, some with pen and others with only the initial name and surname. Apart from this edition, there were 26 tests by author, signed and marked with a letter from A to Z. The first edition by Marilyn and Flowers were a great success and people hoped for a second edition of these prints. In 1970 while Warhol worked with his German and Belgian printers for his european exhibition, they proposed him to re-prints the Marilyn and Flowers portfolio for show it to european people, but Warhol refused the proposal with european edition. However the original screen prints will be brought in Europe and was produced the first print not authorized with a little different colors from originals. The edition of 250 un authorized copies were marked overleaf with this phrasal: Published by Sunday B. Morning” and “Fill with your own signature”. Andy Warhol accepted those european prints because he knew the printers and decided to sign some prints with: “This is not by me”, which were great success. So Sunday B. Morning published the prints of original screen prints. The later editions were published with original colors, not numbered and marked with blue ink instead black ink for difference by the first edition.