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Mr. Savethewall Unmistakable Series in Vendita Online con Quotazioni e Prezzi

Mr. Savethewall presents the new Unmistakable series, in which the street artist 2.0 explores the concept of the "unmistakable icon," experimenting with the recognizability and intrinsic power of images rooted in our popular culture.

Born from the artist's nocturnal forays, with a slight disguise of his features, the new series is characterized by concealed subjects that immediately reveal themselves to the viewer as iconic and, therefore, always and unequivocally recognizable.

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The Unmistakable Series

Mr. Savethewall's artistic exploration of icons began during the nights when he moved in anonymity. As a public figure with a representative role in the business world, Mr. Savethewall adopted an effective yet rudimentary disguise: Groucho Marx-style glasses with a nose and mustache.

From that moment on, the artist began to question what makes something "unmistakable," exploring the issue through the subtraction of elements, trying to reach the essence of the image. Thus, the artist removed outlines, shadows, and sometimes every detail, but the icons persisted in recognizability.

The secret, therefore, lay in the power of the image. Icons have infiltrated our imagination with such an impact that their essence remains even when deprived of details.

Icons are unmistakable because they have entered our collective consciousness with the full force of their image. An icon is unmistakable: "it's an icon."