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International Language

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In his works, Mr. Savethewall articulates his artistic experience not only through images, but also with the use of words. Often, the combination of images and figures with sentences and exclamations is linked to the visual register and the social dimension, re-proposing themes in a way that is either ironic, shocking or polemic.

In International Language the artist proposes an additional operation of deconstruction and re-construction of linguistic codes, getting to the "zero degree" of representation and signification, and therefore reaching a plain pictorial simplicity.

In his paintings, the artist privileges the use of language, to the point of substituting colours and brushs and transforming the colour in a "verbal colour", and therefore favouring a new and more conceptual process.

"in his works, Mr. Savethewall does not reproduce just the concept (significance) but also the acoustic imag (signifier), which makes his word recognisible and identifiable by all the individuals of a determined community, despite the arbitrariness of the visual sign."(cit. Chiara Canali)

A - Mostra Mr Savethewall - Street Art
B - Opera Mr Savethewall Mostra International Language

The chosen language for this project is English, because of it importance and relevance on a global scale. The project International Language is structured following a progression of overlapping levels: the 26 letters of the alphabet, combined with their phonetic pronunciation and 26 words corresponding to the initial of each letter.

The permeation of different levels of the work force the viewer to go beyond the surface of te object, beyond the formal aspect and the sensorial stirring of the image- which is still recognisable- in order to explore the linguistic and conceptual archetype of a "word" and its meaning.

Pistola - Mostra Street Art Mr Savethewall International Language
Squalo - Shark - Mr Savethewall Street Art - International Language

ET - Street Art - Mr Savethewall - Evento 2019Within this collection, the object represented, in addition of beign universtally understandable, represent also the passions and the existential characteristics of the artist, his artistic tools (spray can, hammer), the pop icons already represented in his most recent works (skull, revolver, vinyl).

Here as well, Mr. Savethewall uses the manual technique of stencil and spray paint, therefore staying faithfull to his artistic path.

Despite this milestone of his art keeps standing, two are the biggest news about International language.

First, the background is totally black, from which emerges a negative image in white; while the second is about the uniqueness of the stencil used for each work: in fact, the artist destroys each stencil after the work is concluded.

This last and final process confers uniqueness to every artwork of International Languange , making them 100% unique forever.