Work Well Together

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Artist: Mr. Brainwash Width: 58,4 cm
Support: Canvas Height: 68,6 cm
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Mr. Brainwash - Work Well Together

Work Well Together is a work by the street-artist Mr. Brainwash dated 2021.

The protagonists of the composition are a boy and a girl who gently embrace while admiring the panorama. The children are sitting on a wooden bench, which seems to be about to break under their weight. Mr. Brainwash uses stencil to depict them with their backs to the viewer, whose eyes meet the gaze of a small dog sitting at their feet. These are recurring subjects in the works of Mr. Brainwash, artist who blends different techniques - stencil, collage, dripping and spray painting - into works with an inner sense of harmony.

Some details of the work are reminiscent of the great masters of Pop Art: Mr Brainwash usually populates the background with references to his major sources of inspiration. From the play of contrasts between its vivid colours and the black and white of the figures, an unstoppable flow of positive energy is created, spreading to every detail and inviting us to explore the artist's universe.

The numerous inscriptions floating on the coloured wall behind the children - "Never never give up", "Keep Smiling" - link up with the mantra of Mr. Brainwash: "Life is beautiful". Through his works, the street artist intends to convey to the viewer his passion and love for colours, for life and for the dreams that can make it a story worth telling.

The frame, hand-painted by the artist, is an integral part of this work and is conceived in continuity with the canvas, giving completeness and value to the composition.

Work Well Together was made in 2021 with mixed media on canvas and measures 65,6x58,4 cm including frame.

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