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Sale Ends Today

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Artist: Banksy Width: 76,5 cm
Support: Paper Height: 57 cm
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Banksy 'Sale Ends Today' - Signed - 2017

Original Artwork by Banksy 'Sale Ends Today' - Signed by the Famous Street Artist in limited edition of 500 works - 2017.

Discover more about this ironic Print by Banksy Sale Ends Today: Analysis and Meaning of this Artwork for Sale.

Banksy - Sale Ends Today for Sale: Signed, Original Screen Print

This Banksy's Sale Ends for Sale is a color print serigraphy on paper (57 x 76,5 cm) of 2017.

The artwork is signed in the lower right corner and replicated in 500 exemplars.

The edition number 146/500 Banksy's Sale Ends Today print features on the lower left.

Accompanied by a Certificate of authenticity issued by Pest Control, Banksy's artwork features in the online e on-site collection of Deodato Gallery.

Banksy Sale Ends screen print launches the creation of another similar artwork that was exhibited at the show Barely Legal in September 2006.

Unlike this serigraphy of 2017, other serigraphs with the same subject are collected in the Barely Legal Prints set, like the Sale Ends Today screen print of 2006, featuring four figures.

In 2017 the artist issues this edition of Sale Ends Today, also known as Banksy Sale Ends V2. Find out more in the following paragraphs.

Artwork by Banksy - Sale Ends Today Analysis

Read more about Banksy 'Sale Ends Today' Analysis.

In Sale Ends print Banksy illustrates five racked human figures who prostrate themselves under a red sign bearing the inscription “SALE ENDS TODAY”.

This group consist of unidentifiable subjects, two women on the left and three men on the right wearing draped clothes marked by soft folds.

The bodies’ composition is made in a typical Street Art’s style: black and white stencil gives volume to the shapes lending three-dimensional effect against a white background.

This mourning subjects for sales closure are inspired by Gospel’s characters, staying convulsed and pained under the Cross.

The figures' hurtful facial expressions and the composition of their bodies are typical of classic iconography.

In the middle of Sale Ends Today print, Banksy prefers to place a red flaming sign rather than traditional a Jesus Christ that you would find in traditional iconography.

The “Sale Ends Today” placard is the only colored element in the print: Banksy takes inspiration from attractive and colorful shop signs.

White capitals letters compose the sentence "SALE ENDS TODAY" that stands out from the red sign.

The sign is the only colored element in the composition, thus standing out and evoking conventional shop signs designed to catch people's attention.

Banksy - Sale Ends Today Meaning

What is Banksy 'Sale Ends Today' Meaning?

The outstretched arms of the human figures raise towards the sign from the sides of an imaginary pyramid.

The base is made of an irregular asphalt, resembling a quicksand, in which the kneeling subjects are slowly drowning.

At the top of the pyramid lies the reason of such despair: the sign announces the end of the sales today.

People buy things they don't really need, so Banksy releases his sharp and satirical genius, denouncing modern consumerism in critical way.

Trough the joining of Renaissance icons and effective slogans he scrutinizes issues of today's consumerism and the status of art and its exposure in society.

In fact, his analysis of our materialist society is expressed through a religious fervor with which the world at large looks at the true idol: consumerism.

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