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Morons Sepia

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Artist: Banksy Width: 76 cm
Support: Paper Height: 56 cm
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Banksy - Morons Sepia - Screen print on paper - Hand-signed 

The work by Banksy Morons Sepia is a hand-signed screen print on paper. It was realized in 2007 and it is part of a limited edition of 300 pieces. It is provided with a Pest Control authentication certificate. 

In the hand-signed work Morons SepiaBanksy depicts a crowded auction room, with people willing to buy works of art at extraordinarily high prices. 

Morons Sepia by Banksy measures 56x76 cm. It shows the number of the print run and the artist’s signatureat the bottom. 

“I can’t believe you morons actually buy this shit”: Banksy’s criticism of the art world 

The screen print Morons Sepia drives the beholder in an auction room full of people. The first group is captured facing an auctioneer. He points the hammer towards the buyer who has just offered the highest sum. 

The artworks on sale in the room are not identifiable. A sepia background surrounds and supports them, sometimes overflowing into the frame. The only work to be seen clearly is the one on the right. It reads: “I can’t believe you morons actually buy this shit”. Banksy thus introduces an element of contradiction, which encloses the nucleus of his critical attitude towards the art world. 

The deliberately polemical tone of the artist is embedded within the broader perimeter of a criticism of capitalistic society and its consumerism. Such critical approach runs through all Banksy’s most famous works. With Morons Sepia, he distances himself from the commodifying power transforming his and other artist’s artworks into mere goods with exceptionally high prices.

Banksy’s street art: from Barely Legal to Sotheby’s 

Morons Sepia appeared for the first time on Banksy website after a record-breaking auction for one of his canvases. It was first exhibited in an unsigned edition at Barely Legal exhibition in 2006 (Morons - LA Edition). In Los AngelesBanksy’s artworks were placed in a warehouse that turned the art world on its ear.

The screen print Morons Sepia captures the controversial relationship between Banksy and the art world. The critical approach of the street artist has emerged several times through public pranks, such as the famous incident in 2008 at Sotheby’s auction of Girl With Baloon which ceremoniously shredded itself in front of the audience after the hammer struck down at a record price.

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