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Artist: Banksy Width: 76 cm
Support: Paper Height: 57 cm
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Banksy - Grannies - Unsigned - with Pest Control CoA - 2006

Artwork by Banksy 'Grannies' - Unsigned - Silkscreen Print, Original Limited Edition of 600 exemplars, with Certificate of Authenticity issued by Pest Control.

Find out more about the Serigraphy by Banksy GranniesMeaning and Analysis of the Work and Availability on Deodato Art Gallery.

Banksy "Grannies" Unsigned - Silkscreen on Paper - for Sale

The splendid Banksy's Grannies is a 2006 silkscreen print on paper featuring in a limited edition of 600 pieces.

This unsigned artwork measures 57x76 cm and is accompanied by the authentication certificate issued by Pest Control.

You can find the artwork of Banksy, Grannies Unsigned for Sale both online and in the on-site collection of Deodato Arte.

Artwork by Banksy 'Grannies': Meaning and Analysis

One of the masterpieces of the artist, the artwork by Banksy, Grannies represents two elderly ladies knitting.

The setting is that of a small living room with only a few essential elements, such as a small table with a lamp on top and the two armchairs on which the women sit.

The moment described by Banksy takes place during the tea time, the most typical of English culture, as you can tell from the teapot and the cups on the table.

However, the two ladies are knitting sweaters that say "PUNKS NOT DEAD" and "THUG FOR LIFE". Banksy thus creates an effective contradiction between the homely and typically bourgeois scene and the words of rebellion embroidered by the old women.

This is the meaning of the artwork: no matter the age, no matter where and no matter how, what you believe in and what you feel you are will never leave us.

The two women work together and hand in hand, sharing both age and a specific lifestyle. Their proud faces do not lie: vitality and punk subculture are part of their being.

The composition of the scene is perfectly symmetrical and the lamp, supported by the coffee table, divides the composition in two parts. These elements, combined with the soft pink background, provide a sense of calm and peace to the artwork.

History of the Artwork by Banksy 'Grannies'

This splendid artwork never appeared in the streets as graffiti. The history of the artwork started in 2006  in Los Angeles at the famous Barely Legal, exhibition where Banksy presented a first limited edition of only 100 pieces of Grannies.

The exhibition was set up in a warehouse and it was an opportunity for the street artist to express strong messages and direct criticism.

For the occasion Banksy turned his exhibition into a real show: he placed a large Indian elephant painted with the same colours of the wallpaper inside the room. The pachyderm symbolized poverty, referring to the saying "elephant in the room", a presence of a huge and evident problem, that everyone willingly ignores.

Later Banksy released two more limited editions of the Grannies screen print. The first of 100 signed copies and the second in 600 unsigned copies.  The artwork we propose is part of this second edition.

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