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Trolleys Colored

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Artist: Banksy Width: 70 cm
Support: Paper Height: 50 cm
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Banksy - Trolleys Colored - Signed

The screenprint on paper by Banksy, Trolleys Colored represents, as prehistoric graffiti, primitive men while hunting. The irony that characterizes Banksy’s works is evident in this serigraphy: instead of wild animals, the preys are shopping carts.

This edition of Banksy's well-known subject has the characteristic of being colored. Specifically, the prairie is yellow and the sky is blue, while the handlebars of the carts are red.

The work was created in 2007 and is signed in original by the street artist Banksy. It is part of a limited edition of 750 pieces and measures 50x70 cm. The work is provided with the certificate of authentication Pest Control that guarantees its originality.

Banksy: Trolley Hunters and the criticism of consumerism

From the analysis of the work by Banksy Trolley Hunters (or Trolleys) is evident the sharp satire: the target of primitive man is not a buffalo or a mammoth, but shopping carts.

Banksy, artist always able to surprise us, turns these trolleys into symbols of consumerism to which modern man is enslaved.

The artist shows us a primitive world contaminated by the dynamics of the modern society. The work makes us reflect on men’s modern inability to provide for themselves: in order to survive, man depends on the large supermarket’s products and the consumer market in general.

History of the series by Banksy Trolleys

The first version of the Banksy Trolleys series was produced in 2006 by Modern Multiples of Los Angeles in a non-color edition of 500 unsigned pieces. It was part of the Barely Legal Set, which takes its name from the homonymous exhibition held in a Los Angeles warehouse in the same year, an extremely important milestone in the artistic career of the street artist.

In 2007 a second edition of this subject was produced in three different formats: a black and white edition of 500 unsigned pieces, a black and white edition of 150 signed pieces, a color edition of 750 signed pieces.

The work here presented is part of the latter edition in blue and yellow, signed in original and in limited edition of 750 pieces.

Banksy - Trolleys Colored: Prices and Value

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