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Fiorucci Wall

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Artist: Keith Haring Width: 186 cm
Support: Wood Height: 98 cm
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Keith Haring - Fiorucci Wall - Unique work

Fiorucci Wall is one of the panels from the interior’s walls painted by Keith Haring between 1983 and 1984 inside the Fiorucci store in Galleria Passarella in Milan, close to San Babila.

Elio Fiorucci has established Fiorucci in 1967. It has been a legendary brand thanks to its experimental and Pop nature and has reached a global success through the years by selling its garments and opening shops worldwide. Trough all his career, the legendary stylist befriended and worked with several important artists, first of all Andy Warhol.

The friendship between Warhol and Elio Fiorucci has brought the latter to become closer to intellectuals and artists from the circle of Pop Art. Thanks to Tito Pastore, the stylist met Keith Haring and decided to give him carte blanche for the redesign of his store.

With an actual Action Painting intervention, the American writer decorates the interiors of the Fiorucci store in Galleria Passarella, the first shop opened by Elio Fiorucci in 1967 and intended to mark the rise of the brand. The writer, together with his spray can, painted graffiti in his own style depicting his iconic subjects. The event had a strong impact and at the opening night intellectuals, artists and press officers participated.

Fiorucci Wall is a unique work made with spray paint on a wooden panel. The iconic stickmen and Haring typical subjects take shape in different colors, like red, yellow, green, light blue and more. A part of the paint used is a neon fluorescent paint that glows in the dark. The work measures 186x98 cm and it is supplied with authenticity certificate, evaluation and condition report.

Haring performance is documented inside the catalogue “Caro Elio. Un viaggio fantastico nel mondo di Fiorucci” published by Rizzoli. A copy of the catalogue is provided for free with the work with the documentation.

The work is sold with a protective plexiglass box.

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