Galleria Deodato Arte is pleased to announce the exhibition by Mr. Savethewall “Mr. Savethewall: The Wallsaved Collection”, which will be held in via Nerino 1 in Milan from Thursday 30 March to Saturday 29 April 2023. The artist will be present at the opening of the exhibition on Thursday 30 March from 6.30 pm.

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The exhibition will be divided into two sections. In the first one, it will be possible to enjoy Mr. Savethewall's thanks to a museological itinerary. The second will be a more underground section in which there will be a wall where each visitor can leave messages, writings and phrases.

"Some people paint portraits of sunflowers, some of Hollywood divas or Coca-Cola, some of women with enigmatic smiles or springs springing from shells... I paint portraits of walls." - Mr. Savethewall

The Wallsaved series (each work is a unique piece) reconstructs parts of city walls on which the iconic characters of Mr. Savethewall's artistic universe are painted with stencils and spray cans.

Mr. Savethewall - The Wallsaved Collection

Defined by Mr. Savethewall as "a witness to the inexorable passage of time, vicissitudes and artists", the wall is a constant capable of resisting the passing of years and collecting experiences and experiences.


Known as a gentleman writer, Mr. Savethewall through his Wallsaved collection has decided to express himself with a new language by reinventing the poetics of street art.

"I consider painting on urban walls of other people's property contrary to my ethics, I created a new language characterized by works made in the studio on cardboard or wrapping paper and then attached nightly non-permanently on the walls with yellow tape printed with the words "Mr. Savethewall."

With more than a decade in the field, Mr. Savethewall has always been against wall defacement, willing to protect urban decorum, an intention that is already manifested in the artist's chosen art name: Mr. Savethewall, literally "Save the Wall."

The idea of the collection comes from the artist's desire to make use of a stage, such as the street, to convey a message without letting the disfigurement of city decorum distract the eye from the content of the work.

For Mr. Savethewall, the choice to "save the walls" has in itself two purposes: the first is to create a manifesto of the end of street art while the second is to draw attention to the wall as a work of art.

Mr. Savethewall theorized the Post Street Art movement, which is that branch of Street Art that does not support and respect some of the unwritten rules of Street Art such as choosing to go against the system.

Street-artists often claim that Street Art without the street is "just art", but Mr. Savethewall changes this concept and twists it; in fact instead of going to the street to make his works on the walls, he decides to take the walls into his studio.

Mr. Savethewall - The Wallsaved Collection

"The walls are the real works of art. The superimposition of historical eras, of street artists, of historical facts and events that leave an indelible mark, such as a war, such as reconstruction and then again abandonment and decay, street furniture, posters, stickers, cameras... everything speaks, indeed screams, on a wall. Here the wallsaved are rich in this history, the history of the walls is what interests my research." - Mr. Savethewall

Mr. Savethewall saves walls and brings them inside homes, collections and museums. The beginning of the project dates back to 2012, when the artist was still taking his first steps within the art world with the project "The Wall in the Living Room" in which we could already see how important it was for the artist to be able to bring a piece of the street inside private homes.

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