Mr. Brainwash: Editions | 29/03 - 24/06

Deodato Arte Gallery is pleased to announce the exhibition "Mr. Brainwash: Editions", from March 29 to June 24 2022 at our Brussels venue. The entrance is free.

After the Andy Warhol's monographic show, "Andy Warhol: Icon Icon Icon", the protagonist is now Mr. Brainwash, the street artist whose joyful and colourful vision of life has captured the attention of collectors and art lovers. His limited edition artworks will be on show to the public through a special selection that focuses on his most iconic subjects with in-depth studies of rare and exclusive editions.

Mr. Brainwash, aka Thierry Guetta, is a French-born street artist who started his rise to success right after his appearance in the docu-film Exit Through the Gift Shop directed by Banksy. Over the years, he developed his technique by using vibrant colors and positivity, which are his trademark and main subject of "Life is Beautiful", his first exhibition in 2008 in a warehouse in Los Angeles.

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Each one of the exhibited artworks shows a typical feature of Mr. Brainwash art. He switches from classical art to Pop icons and he plays with positive messages such as “Life Is Beautiful” or “Never Give Up”.

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In the Torn Spray Can Tryptich (2020), for instance, he represents the iconic Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup now in the shape of a spray can ripped in the middle creating a connection between Pop and Street art. The line is valid also in the works where he homages most contemporary pop figures, such as Bob Marley in Songs of Freedom (2020) and Muhammad Ali in Happy Birthday Champ (2020). However, another artwork we cannot miss is Life Imitates Art (2020), a tribute to Banksy where a child looks at Banksy’s Love is in the Air and imitates the iconic gesture of the flower thrower.

In Don’t Give Up! (2020) we find written on a wall “Never, Never, Never Give Up!”, while Terms and Conditions (2020) leaves no room for misunderstanding and declare “I Love You!” in a bright red and in a 100% street art style. Life is a Game (2020) instead uses crosswords as a way to express his words of joy and love with a game as iconic as the Rubik Cube.

Among the exclusive Deodato Arte editions, we find Vespa (2019), an artwork created for Milan Is Beautiful, the first Italian solo exhibition of the artist, or Mona Riva (2021), realized for an exclusive project in collaboration with Bellini Nautica.