Alex Katz: Ada | 14/09 - 7/10

Galleria Deodato Arte is pleased to announce the exhibition of the legendary New York artist Alex Katz. The exhibition entitled 'Alex Katz: Ada' will be held at the Galleria Deodato Arte premises via Nerino 1 from Thursday the 14th of September to Saturday the 7th of October 2023. The vernissage for the exhibition opening will take place on Thursday 14th September from 6.30 pm.

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Ada Del Moro is the protagonist of over a thousand works that Katz has produced during his career. Two significant color portfolios (2022) and one black-and-white portfolio (2017) will be exhibited,

"It was very strange for me to be watched so closely by the man I had just fallen in love with; the way he studied me, my face, my ears, everything. It was very strange and at the same time an overwhelming feeling." - Ada

Alex Katz and his muse Ada

Art and love have no age, and the life of Alex Katz, born in 1927, bears full witness to this: despite being 95 years old, the legendary New York artist has recently exhibited at the Albertina in Vienna and the Guggenheim in New York.

Galleria Deodato Arte also brings him to Milan with the exhibition 'Alex Katz: Ada', which celebrates the works dedicated by Katz to his muse. Ada, at his side for no less than 65 years, is the elegant face that has inspired him since their first date at a Billie Holiday concert in 1957.

A few years before they met, Alex Katz had discovered Maine as a summer residence for himself and he promised she would follow him there if they married; they have remained faithful to the holiday home ever since, always moving there from early June to mid-September. 

The last prints of the series give the viewer a touch of familiar, beloved summer freshness as if one had just returned from holiday, where the warm tone of Ada's skin immediately strikes.

Katz says there is never a wrong, weak, inappropriate pose in Ada, as in an actress. Her parents, she says, used to take her to the movies when she was a child and he was probably unconsciously inspired by what she saw in the films. In this sense, Ada's age also does not matter, because true beauty does not fade.