The heart of the city | 26/05 – 26/06

The Deodato Arte gallery, in collaboration with the Vik Hotel in Milan, is glad to announce the exhibition 'The heart of the city' that will take place on the first floor of the Vik Hotel in Via Silvio Pellico 8, Milan, from 26 May to 26 June 2022. The opening will take place on Thursday 26 May from 6 p.m. at Via Silvio Pellico 8 in Milan.

The artist José Molina has exclusively made two unique artworks for the exhibition. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele - Milan and Roma Infinita, executed with the artist's unmistakable style and expert stroke, encapsulate the heart of the two cities.

The entrance is free. To attend the inauguration, you must pre-register for free:

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The artist will be present on the opening night.

The profound art of José Molina

José Molina's style presents an expert and very personal stroke in which the juxtaposition of very different techniques, such as the application of oil paints and the tracing of ink scratches, expresses Molina's contrasting personality.

Molina's path continues to grow with his art. From works characterized by self-analysis and analysis of the human soul, the last years of his career were characterized by a return to light-heartedness and bright, vivid colours. This new reinterpretation of his art marks José Molina's desire to make art a means of communication for everyone.