Mr.Brainwash: Balloon Heart Sculptures
By popular demand, the highly anticipated new collection of 


Extraordinary and irresistible, Mr.Brainwash's new limited edition works are exclusive sculptures of the highest quality. The iconic heart-shaped balloons, an emblem of universal love in street art, are masterfully crafted sculptures with a chrome-plated surface that reflects light and the environment creating a hypnotic kaleidoscope. Only 8 pieces for each size or color, such a limited edition that does not allow for hesitation. Each work is made of enameled bronze on a marble base and has the original signature engraved by the artist. 

Mr Brainwash - Balloon Heart Pink  Mr Brainwash - Balloon Heart Blue

To buy your favorite sculpture directly,
write us at [email protected], or call us +39 02-80886294

- The works are available immediately.
- Each customer is important to us and given the limited edition of the works we will necessarily follow the list in order of arrival..
- Insured shipments regularly working all over the world.