Daniele Fortuna: The Phygital Collection - Art Night | 11/08

Deodato Arte Gallery is pleased to announce the first dop of NFT and phygital artworks by artist Daniele Fortuna. During the art night on the 11th of August  2023 at the gallery Deodato Arte in Pietrasanta, it will be possible to view the first NFT and phygital works exclusively.

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Daniele Fortuna's phygital artworks are now here! A perfect union between his iconic sculptures and digital screens. If you purchase one or more of Daniele Fortuna's NFTs on the deodato.io platform, you can enjoy them on the screen of your phygital artwork. Nonetheless, if you do not want to purchase the artist's NFTs, the artwork’s screen will show a static image.

What is deodato.io?

Deodato.io is Deodato Group's platform created for NFTs’ distribution and digital assets. The platform provides guaranteed features and boasts strong reliability, above the market average. Specifically, on the platform:

  • One can enjoy his NFTs also in offline mode;
  • It is possible to pay by bank transfer or credit card and receive a regular invoice with 22% vat for a digital service;
  • The artworks bought on deodato.io are movable in one’s wallet or can be available by Deodato.io. In case of lost credentials, Deodato’s team will guide the client through the recovery process;
  • Deodato.io protects you from technological obsolescence! In the event of any change in blockchain technology, one will always be able to enjoy your work.

Finally, a perfect mix of physical and digital work by Daniele Fortuna is here! Created exclusively for Deodato Arte Gallery Phygital works.

How can I purchase NFTs?

Daniele Fortuna's NFT works will be available in Deodato Arte Galleries and on the new Deodato.io platform starting from the 11th of August 2023. Once you own your digital work, you can associate the NFT with the digital medium of your choice (up to 5 simultaneously).

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