Balloon Heart: The New Heart-Shaped Sculptures by Mr. Brainwash

Among the most appreciated street artists, Mr. Brainwash has never failed to amaze us with his colorful works that mix references to masters of art history with the world of Pop and mass culture.

We are very pleased to announce a new series of sculptures, now available at Deodato Arte Gallery: the Balloon Heart series. The works depict heart-shaped balloons made of polished painted bronze.

They are limited edition of only 8 pieces available in the following colors:

- Blue;

- Pink;

- Red;

- Bronze;

- Silver.

The reflective surface highlights the details of the balloon: every fold and imperfection are studied in the smallest detail making the colorful balloons very realistic. Mr. Brainwash thus creates an apparent contrast between the heaviness of the used material and the lightness of the represented object (the balloon, in fact): he manages to deceive the eye of the viewer in works that convey both love and lightness.

Mr. Brainwash: Balloon between Pop and Street Art References

Mr. Brainwash has always distinguished himself for his ability to combine references to masters of art history with icons of the world of Pop and mass culture.

The Balloon Heart is a clear reference to the work of Banksy Balloon Girl. The English street artist has always been a point of reference for Mr. Brainwash, artist who often mentions him in his works.

And the treatment of the metal, shiny and reflective, can not fail to remind us the well-known Ballon Dog by Jeff Koons.

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