Arte Padova 2019 - Deodato participates to the Art trade show

Deodato Arte at Arte Padova 2019

Exhibition modern and contemporary art market

15-18 November 2019



Via Niccolò Tommaseo, 59, 35131 Padova PD

Booth 172, Pavilion 7

Opening night

Thursday, November 14: 6 pm (only by invitation)

Open to the public:

Friday, November 15: 10 am– 8 pm

Saturday, November 16: 10 am – 8 pm

Sunday, November 17: 10 am – 8 pm

Monday, November 18: 10 am – 8 pm

Deodato Arte at Arte Padova Fair

Arte Padova is one of the most long-lived fairs in Italy.

At its XXX edition the fair includes Modern and Contemporary art, featuring both Early Modern and Contemporary emerging artists with new proposals.

This year, Deodato Art Gallery will be presenting works by artists who made, and still are making the history of International Pop and Street Art.

Don’t miss the chance to live a weekend filled with Art!

Come and visit us at both 172, Pavillon 7. Together we’ll find the best artwork for you!

The Street Art by Mr Brainwash at Arte Padova

He is the most requested street artist of the moment, he opens exhibitions everywhere in the world and makes outstanding results at auction.

Mr. Brainwash, nom de plume of Thierry Guetta, is loved by the public of all ages, thanks to his works dedicated to icons of our contemporaneity.

Unique works on paper and canvas, wall and screen prints make every place unique.

In a little more than 10 years he has managed to become one of the most valued street artists internationally.

People from all over wait for his exhibitions, his Limited Editions are sold out in few minutes and his unique pieces are points of contention by the most prestigious auction houses.

The Brainwash is guaranteed. Come and see them at Deodato Arte’s Booth

Mickey Mouse Artwork by Mr Brainwash
Mickey Mouse Artwork by Mr Brainwash

The Neo Pop of Jeff Koons at Arte Padova

Jeff Koons is the artist of records, the most paid in the world.

His limited-edition sculptures, realised with fine and chromed porcelain, perfectly replicate the monumental unique pieces.

The chromed metallic finish is irresistible and hypnotic.


An exclusive in Italy, at Deodato Arte you can find the brand new Balloon Animals set, the Balloon Dogs and the eccentric Split Rocker vase.

Come and discover them at Deodato Arte’s Booth.

Balloon Monkey Orange di Jeff Koons
Balloon Monkey Orange by Jeff Koons

The Andy Warhol's Pop Art at Arte Padova

Founding father and international icon of Pop Art, Andy Warhol is one of the most recognised artists in the world.

With his works, he gave life to the obsessions, desires, dreams and failures of post-war America.

The main characters of his artworks are the glorified myths of mass culture: consumerism goods, Hollywood stars, crime and statistic news are constantly repeated, simplified in their form and coloured with flat and bright dyes.

His portrait of Marilyn Monroe is still today an icon and a model of a contemporary art which has really yearn to become pop-ular.

Not only the concept of series wins over the traditional acceptation of unique (piece), but the figure of the artist himself become a producer of value.

His signature, applied on the most varied objects, as the unmistakable Campbell’s Soups, becomes the true artwork.

Marilyn Monroe - Andy Warhol: Opere Originali con Firma Andy Warhol
Discover all the Marilyn Monroe signed by Andy Warhol

Keith Haring Graffiti at Arte Padova

Enfant Terrible of American Pop Art, Keith Haring is universally known as the father of international street art.

His stylized men, with which he used to cover entire city walls in New York, are absolute icons for writers.

His mythical art is renowned also for the delicate themes represented: from homosexuality to nuclear, from war to civil rights, Keith Haring, who will die very young of AIDS, has always been on the front line in the battle for equality and awareness.

José Molina at Arte Padova

Born in Madrid and adopted by Italy, Josè Molina is an artist of other times.

His hyperrealistic works are so faithful to reality that one needs to look at them very attentively to understand that it is not photography.

Visionary characters who reveal a strict analysis of human condition has always been at the centre of his artistic production.

At Arte Padova, we present the new collection “A Hero Never Dies” characterised by flat, pop and bright colours. The protagonists of this series are some of the myths of our culture: Freddie Mercury, Salvador Dalì, Einstein and Botticelli’s Venus, to cite a few, dressed up as Lego characters.

In this way, Molina takes back to reality figures that are so glorified to seem unattainable.

Now they are returned to us in a new way, lighter and more human.

Freddy Mercury Artwork by José Molina from Collection 'a Hero Never Dies''
Freddy Mercury from Collection a Hero Never Dies by José Molina

Come and visit us at booth 172, Pavilion 7 with the works of these outstanding artists.