Pao (Paolo Bordino) is trained and grows in theater, first as a machinist and stage technician for the company of Dario Fo and Franca Rame, then working at the laboratories of the Teatro alla Scala in Milan. Born in 1977, in the 2000s he approached street art, so as not to leave it any more: urban art interventions, born out of curiosity, became more and more frequent, giving rise to the famous "panettoni" (road dissuaders) depicting penguins, aliens and characters of the common culture, from R2D2 of Star Wars to the Iron Man superhero. Soon, only in 2005, was born Paopao Studio, operational and creative center of Pao and Laura, graphic designer who together with Pao creates and develops projects taking care of the graphic aspect and communication.Several participations with large companies led Pao to expand production and to search for new media: explorations and experiments on materials, perspective research, visual distortions and study of curved geometries have led to a development on canvas and three-dimensional fiberglass supports of its art.

His works are inserted not only in the urban context, becoming an integral part of the urban environment, but also in the mass society that is reflected in some of his works. Nowadays, Pao's works have been exhibited in various art exhibitions, including the Milan Contemporary Art Pavilion, the Milan Triennale, and the Venice Biennale.