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Paolo Bigazzi

Bigazzi is an excellent classic-modern artist that, but in spite of classical style, he has a very modern approach and a sensibility and an extraordinary expressive potential. His paintings hasve all the sensibility and the colors of the the Livornesi painters. His several journeys around europe, such as Greece, Cote d’Azure in France and England, contribute to his artistic development. Bigazzi prefers the subjects taken from the nature that he describes with intimacy and sensibility, using a bright and limpid color palette capable of illuminating the shapes and the sensibility of the painting. He is deeply attached to nature and he knows how to translate its voice with a language that is “new-realistic" between dream and reality. Modesty, sincerity, inspiration, technical security, extreme mastery of the expressive medium and his soul of a poet, are the qualities that make Paolo Bigazzi "the painter". The most commons themes of his compositions are: flowers, still life, figure and landscapes in which the artist draws particular attention to its great expressive power, however, giving, in all the works, a personalistic view, always highly recognizable.