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Giuliano Caporali


Giuliano CaporaliArt is like a kiss, a hug, a caress. You have to do it in that moment, when you feel you want to make art, because a minute later it would not have the same meaning. (Giuliano Caporali)

Giuliano Caporali was born near Arezzo, Tuscany (Italy), in 1950. From 1976 he worked for the Department of Arts and Cultural Activities as designer for the government department of Arezzo. While through this job he had the opportunity to study the great painters of Tuscany such as Piero della Francesca, Beato Angelico, Signorelli, Cimabue and Vasari, in his art he focused in a research of what goes beyond the visible images perceived in everyday life.

The artist doesn’t reproduce what he sees but what he feels, or better said, he paints on his canvases and panels the pure and simply feeling of what is not immediately visible. Because of his job, Caporali had to deal with the masters of the Tuscan Renaissance, but with his personal art he wanted to express himself through Informal and Abstract Art. Giuliano Caporali doesn’t do sacred art, he doesn’t propose a mystic path that links the immanence with the transcendent. All his works are created by a mystic trip that he takes within himself. For Caporali the only way to represent emotions and memories is to create works through the spontaneous and casual union of colours, signs and drops.