Art Wedding List

Art Wedding List

For your wedding choose contemporary art if...

You have everything at home but you don't have any paintings:

dishes, cutlery, domestic appliances, knick-knacks, sheets fill every wardrobe and shelf, but the walls are still empty.

You want to start your married life by diversifying your investments:

contemporary works of art hardly lose value and their possession is not taxed.

You want something unique that makes your home different :

in the age of mass products, everyone has the same furniture, the same crockery and the same towels. Much more difficult, if not impossible, it's to have the same work of art.

You want a gift that symbolizes the unique bond that binds you to your spouse:

ideal is an original and unique work of art that moves both.

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We help you choose the works to be included in your wedding list, based on your taste, budget and spaces you want to furnish.

You will do this phase with us, on the phone, via Skype, but willingly also in person, in the gallery or at home!

Your wedding list is visible online in a confidential way or in our gallery

Your friends and guests can see the works online or even live in the gallery, they can buy an entire work or a share.

Easy of use

Your friends can buy online safely, paying by credit card, paypal and bank transfer, the site is in Italian and English, so also for your international friends ... no problem!

How to do your Wedding List in our gallery?

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