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Weston Super Mare

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Artist: Banksy Width: 101 cm
Support: Paper Height: 45 cm
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Banksy 'Weston Super Mare' - Print Signed - 2003

Banksy 'Weston Super Mare' Print - Original Signed Artwork by Banksy, in very Limited Edition of 150 Works - 2003

Discover more about Weston Super Mare: Analysis and Meaning of this Artwork for Sale.

Banksy - Weston Super Mare for Sale: Signed Screen Print

This Banksy Weston Super Mare print for Sale is a serigraph on paper, edition 55/150 of 2003.

This edition includes 750 serigraphs, 150 signed and 600 unsigned.

The Artwork by Banksy Weston Super Mare appeared for the first time in 2000 on the wall of a restaurant in Bristol.

The street artist then transposed it onto city walls and then on paper.

Deodato Art Gallery offers a Banksy Weston Super Mare for Sale signed serigraph among the 150 existing exemplars.

The artwork is accompanied by the Certificate of authenticity issued by Pest Control.

“A cheerful tribute to the great British seaside towns.” cit. Banksy

Screen Print by Banksy - Weston Super Mare: Analysis and Meaning

Weston super Mare is a seaside town near Bristol with 72 thousand inhabitants.

Banksy sets the scene on city’s waterfront: there is an old man sitting with his hands folded across his lap on a bench, his cane on his left. On the right a circular saw runs towards him, while he seems completely unaware of the imminent danger.

Banksy’s style in this screen print features in a pleasant combination of the Street Art stencil technique and the soft colors of vintage English sea postcards.

Weston Super Mare talks about the danger, and perhaps even about death, that surrounds people and that could occur unexpectedly at any time. The contrast plays on the old man’s comfort situation and the imminent death’s shadow.

What Banksy claims is the idea that mankind is never really safe, not even comfortably relaxed on a promenade bench.

This work is a reminder of the general behaviour of humans, who tend not consider the threats surrounding them.

Banksy decides to “provoke” the viewer: Weston Super Mare is a question and the answer to this question is personal, because each observer and his unique experience differs from the experiences of other people and from their awareness of life.

Banksy: “Weston Super Mare” and Dismaland

Weston Super Mare isn’t the only Banksy’s work in Bristol area.

In fact, in Weston Super Mare city we find Banksy's theme park Dismaland, the show was specifically built to be disturbing: Banksy himself defined it “a family theme park unsuitable for children”.

The name Dismaland comes from the meaning of “dismal” and the reference to Disneyland, to create a parody of the Disney institution and its billions-dollars theme parks.

The park was opened on August 21, 2015 and remained open for a month and it’s located on the abandoned resort’s site.

Tickets to visit the exhibition on the patch of abandoned land were priced for £3.

With the serigraph Weston Super Mare and Dismaland Banksy invites us to reflect on the importance of taking the best of each moment and to stop for a second and observing what surrounds us.

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