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Choose your weapon - Slate

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Artist: Banksy Width: 70 cm
Support: Paper Height: 70 cm
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Banksy 'Choose Your Weapon' - Slate - Signed - 2010

Exclusive Artwork by Banksy 'Choose Your Weapon' Green Version, Signed By the Street Artist in very Limited Editon of 25 Works - 2010

Discover more about Banksy's Choose Your Weapon: Meaning and Analysis of this Artwork for Sale.

Banksy - “Choose Your Weapon” - Signed Screen Print on Paper

This Original and Signed by Banksy 'Choose your weapon' - slate is a screen print on paper, edition 8/25 of 2010.

The artwork for sale is signed in the lower right corner and replicated in 25 exemplars.

The edition number 8/25 Banksy's Choose your weapon print features on the lower left.

Accompanied by a Certificate of authenticity issued by Pest Control you can find the Banksy's artwork in the online and on-site collection of Deodato Gallery.

Banksy’s artwork Choose Your Weapon appeared for the first time in Camberwell, a district in Southern London.

The street art piece was immediately covered in Perspex glass to protect it.

Banksy transports the image in a screen print that comes in 19 different colours: Pink, Magenta, Red, Dark Orange, Light Orange, Lemon, Soft Yellow, Khaki, Olive, Gold, Silver, Grey, Slate, Sky Blue, Turquoise, Dark Blue, Green, White.

Banksy - Choose Your Weapon Analysis

In the artwork Choose Your Weapon, Banksy illustrates the dark figure of a man, set against a green background, holding a white dog on a leash.

The male figure hides his identity wearing a hooded sweatshirt and covering his face with a bandanna.

This hyper-realistic, almost photographic depiction of this menacing man is a recurring visual motif in Banksy’s stencil work.

The dog resembles a big stylized cartoon creature and its leash is compound of a chain.  The animal's loud barking is a tribute to the iconic Barking Dog of Keith Haring, who was a pioneer of the Graffiti - Street art.

Banksy uses Haring’s Barking Dog as a metaphor: the street art offers the opportunity to express your opinions with a simple language.

The barking dog cannot speak, but the message of this screen print is strong.

Artwork by Banksy - Choose Your Weapon Meaning

Let's find out more about the meaning of “Choose Your Weapon” in the following lines. 

In Choose Your Weapon screen print there are some opposing aspects.

The casual hand-in-pocket posture of the male figure is juxtaposed to his ominous aspect.  Likewise, the dog’s cartoon shape clashes with the behaviour of the animal, who is chained and barking.

Furthermore, the stylized dog is counters the realistic representation of his owner.

The hooded man represents the disaffected youth, a prominent role in the British pop culture.

The man’s best friend has become an alternative weapon to protect himself in the streets of the United Kingdom.

With Choose Your Weapon Banksy wants to denounce violence, proposing a new way of interacting and communicating.

The artist wants to convey that there are many other ways to expose ideas and statements. Banksy chooses street art, a weapon that strikes people more persuasively than violence.

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