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Signed Editions

Signed Editions: the artworks proposed here are authentic examples and they bear the artist’s signature. All works are provided with Pest Control Authentication Certificate.

Donuts, Rats, Barking Dogs and much more: all the subjects by Banksy featuring in the Signed Editions of the street artist, inspired by the famous satirical urban walls graffiti.

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Banksy: Signed Editions

Many of Banksy’s prints are signed editions by the artist. Indeed, Bansky signed art is possibly one of the most sought-after on the art market.

The first Bansky original signed prints were initially created in both signed and unsigned exemplars, but the choice to sign them was never a determining factor of authenticity.

In fact, in 2011 Banksy created Pest Control, the company established by law to authenticate his works.

Hence the artist produces both signed and unsigned prints, thus creating different exemplars of the same series.

All of them are authenticated, but of course differ in price with the unsigned editions featuring lower prices than the signed editions.

Banksy: Street Art Signed Serigraphs on Paper

Deodato Art Gallery offer various  Street Art Style Serigraphs on Paper such as:

  • Donuts Strawberry and Donuts Chocolate: a satire on corrupt Militarism, slave to his own wealth and American Capitalism. There are only 299 Strawberry and 299 Chocolate signed exemplars.
  • Weston Super Mare: a serigraph dedicated to the importance of the passing of time.  The setting is Weston super Mare, a seaside town near Bristol. This is also the site of Dismaland, Banksy's theme park specifically created "to be disturbing".
  • Welcome To Hell – Placard Rat: one of the most famous symbols of Street Art created by Banksy featuring one of his strongest social condemnations. The rat, which supports the sign “Welcome To Hell” is also present in other versions with different writings (“Get Out While You Can” o “Because I’m Worthless”).
  • Choose Your Weapon: the classic hyper-realistic male figure that carries around the iconic Barking Dog by Keith Haring, a pioneer in the graffiti art. With Choose Your Weapon Banksy denounces the violence, proposing a new way of relating and communicating their own ideas.
  • Sales Ends: a direct and artistic criticism towards Consumerism, which in our society has become so divine as to take over real needs. Banksy combines the modern sign with the Renaissance artistic tradition of the figures at the bottom, thus creating this evocative serigraph.
  • Napalm: one of the most direct and shocking Street Art artworks. Banksy’s Napalm reveals the horror of the war in Vietnam against the USA, represented by two icons of superficiality and monetization.