Save the Spray Can - O mia bela Madunina (Special Edition Milano)

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Artist: Mr. Savethewall Width: 6,6 cm
Support: Mixed Height: 18,5 cm
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Mr. Savethewall - Save the Spray Can - O mia bela Madunina (Special Edition Milan)

Finally, the Spray Can Mr. Savethewall collection arrived at Deodato Arte!

Mr. Savethewall brings the project to life by combining the spray cans used in the creation of his canvases with new and unprecedented stickers. From an artistic tool, the spray can becomes a true work of art and an icon of street art itself.

Each canister is a unique piece signed by the artist. Fingerprints, paint drips and other details make each one authentic, a witness to the artistic process. Only the cans used by the artist are customised and reworked: availability is extremely limited!

The Spray Can comes with exclusive packaging and accompanies the artwork with the motto "Can you save the spray can?", which becomes the emblem of Mr. Savethewall's art.

It's like saying "Can you save the wall?" or, why not, "Can you save the planet?". - Mr. Savethewall

O mia bela Madunina (Special Edition Milan) depicts the anthropomorphic frogs of the Kiss Me series singing to the Madonnina, the iconic statue at the top of the Cathedral of Milan (Duomo di Milano), the song that goes 'O mia bela Madunina ... Ti te dominet Milan', a popular Milanese song from the early 1900s.

The spray can of Mr. Savethewall, Save the Spray Can, O mia bela Madunina (Special Edition Milan) measures 18,5x6,6 cm and is signed in original with a holographic stamp certifying its authenticity.

Please note, the image is representative. The subject is the same, but manual details may vary.

The Spray Can Project

The new and exclusive project by street artist Mr. Savethewall combines two iconic and significant tools of street art: the spray can and the sticker.

Many times we do not realise that it is not the tool that makes the artist. Sticker, stencil and spray can are the tools, but the result depends on who uses them. - Mr. Savethewall

The inspiration came from Los Angeles, where the artist Mr. Savethewall is struck by the proliferation of urban art, particularly sticker art.

The sticker is very personal, different from one artist to another, identifying and identifying an artist, even if he is not necessarily famous. - Mr. Savethewall

To find out more about the project Mr. Savethewall, Save the Spray Can read the exclusive interview on our blog!

Mr. Savethewall, Save the Spray Can, O mia bela Madunina (Special Edition Milan) : Prices and Values

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